How The Affordable Care Act Works: Information Sources

This is NOT a news item or op ed piece or blog rant. Instead I am offering information on one of the most important changes to health insurance coverage in the history of the United States: just a short list of links to sites that offer information on the Affordable Care Act and how to enroll using the exchanges. Why? Because it’s obvious from some of the ‘conversations’ I’ve had on Facebook and seen on other sites, there is a great deal of confusion on how this works and what it means to all of us.

From the federal government:

From Forbes:

From Consumers Union:

From Consumers Reports:

From the Kaiser Family Foundation:

If you know anyone who is confused about the ACA or wants more information on what it is and how it is meant to work, please share this post or these links with them.


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4 thoughts on “How The Affordable Care Act Works: Information Sources

  1. News you can use. This is what every media outlet should be doing as a public service in compensation for We the People allowing them to use our airwaves. Thank you for doing it in their stead.

    If I find any links that will be helpful I’ll pass them along to you for updates. I might suggest it would be helpful to periodically republish this post.

  2. What I advise People to do is go to the site and start the Process now, By that I mean you can navigate various items, Live Chat 24/7, Call 24/7 to speak to someone. They will answer any questions you may have. You can also find out where in your County you can go to get help. The site is very simple to use, The chat is a great feature.

  3. Thanks for this critical post, Ed. It’s well to know that the universal adoption of ACA is the most important economic issue the world faces today. It absolutely turns the economy on its head by getting some control on the deathgrip that health issues have on the most unregulated financial opportunity that the corporate oligarchy inflicts on the public.

    Healthcare industry lobbyists have made it very profitable for labor union bosses and healthcare administrators to resist the Act.

    President Obama went after these deals by cutting 750 millions dollars and the present congressional deal from the budget. Congress will have to buy a plan under the ACA just like everyone else under 65 years old.

  4. @ Cat Kin, You just hit the old proverbial nail on the Head!! Let me explain MY story that actually pertains to Many. I do belong to a Union 21 years Const. Trades. I am very grateful for the overall benefit’s that I along with many experience, Except when it comes to the INS issue. WE have been fighting this issue for a very long time and our fight is justifiable. First and foremost, Not all Union Plans have the exact eligibility rules or requirements. We are not handed coverage as many seem to think. Our INS carrier determines these, and because of how the Slowdown in Work has taken place, They have not made any attempt to fix this. Heres the deal, WE have a Plan that is Based on Hours worked per Qtr. with a Min of hours for the Year to maintain INS. What also happens is an Hourly Contribution is taken, ie Hours x rate = Cost. The more hours worked, the more $$ contributed. Way to many of us have been falling short on Hours, BUT because of the rules, WE fall short on the Qtr and yearly totals Contribute Thousands per year, Yet DO NOT receive or qualify for INS. I will say this ACA is a Godsend for us. I will also state that sure it may effect others differently, Because all Plans are not the same and there are other variables, But for MY Local, This option will alleviate what I wrote. 7 day’s and a Wake up till the Exchanges Open!!

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