Scott Suder lands 88% pay increase in Scott Walker’s administration

Must be rough…

Gov. Scott Walker’s administration is nearly doubling the pay of the former lawmaker who engineered a $500,000 grant to his and Walker’s political friends that could have cost the state $28 million in federal aid.

The Public Service Commission finalized the hiring Friday of former Assembly Majority Leader Scott Suder (R-Abbotsford) at a salary of $94,000 a year — an 88% boost to the $49,943 he made as a legislator. The commission did not disclose its actions until Monday, despite repeated questioning last week about when and whether Suder would be hired.

Suder is to start his new job Oct. 7 as division administrator for water, compliance and consumer affairs, according to commission spokesman Nathan Conrad.

Apparently the moral of this story is that no “good” deed – in this case gift-wrapping a $500,000 taxpayer-funded grant to a conservative group – will go unrewarded in the administration of Gov. Scott Walker.


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6 thoughts on “Scott Suder lands 88% pay increase in Scott Walker’s administration

  1. Amazing……………deceit gets rewarded and everyone else including Nygren, Darling, Stepp, Kedzie, and DNR leadership can’t acknowledge that $500,000 was directed to United Sportsmen with no connection to hunting and fishing but well versed in the Koch’s American for Prosperity. Corruption wins and people lose! The fact that they count on is: “most people have very short memories.” Lets help everyone remember this episode.

  2. The Democrats need to stop wringing their hands and start putting ads in the paper and on TV laying out all the stench the Walker administration has laid on this state.

    THIS guy, Scott Suder may be one of the most ethically challenged of the bunch! And Walker appoints him to the PSC?!!!!! That’s like placing the fox to guard the hen house!

    The Dems have the PERFECT opportunity to spell it out, right on the heels of the United Sportsman fiasco. Even Vos, Fitzgerald and company have been pointing fingers and backing away from this debacle. Connect the dots. Show the outrage! Demand accountability! Start now. Far ahead of the election. Hold their feet to the fire. Because the state media centers are not doing it.

    Come on Democratic leasders- Here’s BIG, FAT golden egg. Run with it.

  3. Patrick Marley is doing his best to get this scandal front and center even in the Milwaukee Journal of all papers. The Republicans are banking on people having short memories and not caring which is shameful! Walker and his gang merely circle the wagons and all shrug their collective shoulders and remain mute. I’m not sure we have enough power and money to buy the truth. Perhaps at the local levels we could all write “Letters To The Editors” of local papers asking directed questions of our respective legislators demanding to know how, and who allowed this to happen and at the very least that an open and transparent investigation occur. It’s far easier for our elected officials to hide in Madison than to avoid constituents at home. I’ve sent letters to four papers in my area with questions for Sen.Kedzie who is chairman of the DNR Committee. At the very least DNR has to be thoroughly examined as they were complicit in much of this for not having vetted the grant and for promoting it. I think that Walker wanted the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation out of his hair[anti mine] and Suder and Stepp gave him the vehicle and allowed them to turn the MacKenzie Environmental Center over to political cronies to use as they saw fit.

    1. The first set of LTE’s should go into local newspapers in Suder’s district. There’s going to be a special election for that seat on November 19th. Suder has been very popular there and the GOP candidate for that seat will likely try to benefit from an endorsement from Suder. Every voter in Marshfield, Abbotsford, Neillsville and points in between should know exactly what kind of guy Scott Suder really is.

  4. @ Jerry, Upon hearing about this issue and finding out the rest of the story, I have Written Sen Kedzie on this issue and you got it , no reply, I had some very pointed questions for him. But being in Walworth county, he is around, I’l get my chance face to face to ask him. Also there is a petition at the Dem Party of WI site looking for Signatures with regards to this issue and the AG. I appreciate your efforts and do see your writing’s locally, Thank’s

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