The Crazies are Out on Miller Park Way

On my regular Saturday visit to Menards, the last thing I was expecting to have see were bloody pictures of dead fetuses on Miller Park Way in Milwaukee.

While they have the right to do this, I just don’t understand this tactic.  I am Pro-Choice but do believe that abortion is a valid argument to have, so why not approach the topic with some class?

So just a word of advice to Pro-Lifers out there: Signs that include bloody dead fetuses on them make you look crazy.

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6 thoughts on “The Crazies are Out on Miller Park Way

  1. Same folks would not let photos of the Sandy Hook Massacre be shown.

    Folks familiar with the damage high velocity rounds inflict, know what that scene looked like.

  2. I can’t remember the last time I had an intelligent discussion with an anti-choice type. They claim to want “small government, but want to use it to “force birth.”

    Most want to put viability at conception. Ok, but then why isn’t every single miscarriage at any point investigated as a homicide? Why aren’t you putting every boy who ever had a wet dream in prison for murder? The problem with the “life-begins-at-conception” argument is that the identical arguments work for “sperm.” They’re every bit as “alive” and every bit as necessary for “life.”

    Smaller group try to circle the wagons around late-term abortions. Fine, but why not remove the viable fetus, pay for high-end neo-natal care, and come up with adoptive parents? They don’t want any part of the work, expense, and effort that goes into supporting their position.

  3. Oh, and I forgot, they’re also mostly against contraception, and age-appropriate sex ed, but some how claim to be anti-abortion.

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