Tommy GTAC bites the dust

GTAC waterboy  and GOP state senator Tom Tiffany, ( R-Mine Guy) is having a bad evening. It seems even members of his own party can’t get behind his bill to close managed forest land to the public. Lisa Mux has the story over at Waukesha Wonk.

What a pisser, Tommy. There goes the lobbyist job, eh?


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4 thoughts on “Tommy GTAC bites the dust

  1. One small step for humankind. Hoorah

    Meanwhile not one state progressive or democratic blogger nor any state level DPW nor State D legislator, nor Baldwin nor Pocan (who is privy recently to some info) have come out to break the silence and pull back the veil of secrecy behind Barack’s four year pursuit and actual number one cause, and have mentioned nary a word about the POTUS seeking to fast track the TPPA. Mention of this NAFTA on steroids is all but ignored.

    WI’s own Lori Wallach from earlier this year for those of you who are unaware of Barack’s biggest gift yet, to selling out we the people, to the 1%. Fast track, he wants Congressional pre-approval for signing the agreement, so they will eventually be disallowed from making any changes to the TPPA when it would return for final Congressional approval.

    As the President droned on Monday about restoring the middle class and rebuilding our economy, he is quietly seeking to fast track this Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement by the end of the year, the final straw in handing corporate control of the world economy, the final dissolution of our national sovereignty regarding US labor and our environment. The TPPA makes GTAC irrelevant in the larger scheme of Barry’s ultimate goal. You can sign a petition to halt the fast tracking action.

    Barack, while negotiation sub-meetings have currently gone totally secret, will chair the final scheduled session in Bali October 6-7.

    If this TPPA is instituted, your state legislature will no longer have authority to stop something like a GTAC. 600 corporate lobbyists yet Congress can’t know what is in the negotiations. Do you see the Republicans fighting Barry on this during the past four year negotiating process, and might you wonder why they are not squawking about it, something like this, Barry’s wet dream?

    No War But Class War

  2. OT. The White House firecracker perp is from Racine. He was arrested last month for spray painting some kind of message on the federal building downtown Milwaukee.

  3. He will get the votes. My bet is he will revisit the bill after deer season. But if they close the land off now, there will be holy hell to pay from all of us gun loving hunters. Especially the one who voted for Republicans.

  4. CJ,

    I’m not so sure as you. There’ll be a hunting season next year too, and the year after that, etc. This may have been a fundamental overreach by Tiffany that really put people off. Maybe it’s starting to dawn on some folks that the word ” public ” isn’t profane. There’s a lot of premiere lakefront property owned by the wealthy in northern Wisconsin, and the average Joe understands the value of ” public access. “

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