AD19 candidate rumors…

So now that incumbent Democratic State Rep. Jon Richards has announced he’s running for Attorney General in 2014, there’s bound to be an absolute free-for-all among Democrats who aspire to serve in the State Assembly. After all, the 19th Assembly District is safely Democratic, so whichever Democrat wins the primary is likely to be able to hold the seat for as long as they choose.

I’m betting there will be at least 6-10 Democratic candidates to replace Rep. Richards in the 19th AD, and among the possible candidates (according to my sources)? County Board Chair Marina Dimitrijevic and Democratic National Committee (DNC) member Jason Rae.

While it’s still early, I expect candidates will start to announce fairly quickly that they intend on running for the seat in the 19th Assembly District, to give them an advantage in terms of locking up support and raising money.


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