For crying out loud

I’m told that websites really aren’t where it’s at these days when it comes to political campaigns. It’s all about Facebook, Twitter, and other hand held device directed avenues of communication that I either don’t use or understand.

But it seems to me that if you’re going to go to the trouble of putting up a website then you ought to put something on it, something more than a video, an email sign up and a contribute button, which is all that’s on Mary Burke’s campaign website.

No bio, no bullet pointed issue positions, no written statement of candidacy, no links to mention in the media, nada. For crying out loud, candidate Burke, put something up and flesh it out a little bit. The video is slick but it’s mighty short on specifics.

Given that you’re relatively new to all of this, maybe you need some direction? Here’s an example to work from. 

Good luck!


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48 thoughts on “For crying out loud

  1. Steve, thanks.

    I’m assuming Ms. Burke will be very moderately pro-choice. I likewise suspect she’ll be perceived as pro marriage equality.

    After that, my fear is she’ll be pro-“right-to-starve.” GOP calls it right-to-work. Hope I’m wrong.

    I’m guessing the national Democratic party is lying to state Democratic parties about wanting to save legalizing pot for a GOTV tool in 2016. IMHO, they’ve been bought off by Big Pharma, who is furiously trying to buy more time to improve their synthetic pot. I would never encourage anyone, who did not already have a serious illness, to use it, but the prohibition of alcohol didn’t work either.

    I think the state media would love a Democratic primary. It’s more ad dollars for them.

    1. I doubt she’ll be right-to-work but will Wisconsin? The voters here have been colluding in their own falling wages and deteriorating services by electing Walker (twice) and an all-GOP state legislature.

  2. Amen, brother Steve.

    But Queen Mary may be too late.

    Her Majesty should look to the working guys’ and gals’ candidate, Kathy Vinehout, on how to “press the flesh” and issue monthly position papers exposing fraud, lies, mismanagement, failures, and educating the public.

    1. I see a consensus appears to be forming among some of the more recently familiar names appearing here.

      I would caution that we needn’t start to diminish or demonize, but we DO need to make sure there is a primary. The media focus on that helps to get out the populist message and even then we will have to eventually back one or the other of the candidates in the general.

      Check the last paragraph of my comment and help make it happen.

    2. “Her Majesty”?
      “Queen Mary”?

      Have your preferred candidate, but can we lay off the misogynistic language?

      1. Chad it’s not misogynistic, it’s just very counterproductive. But that’s what liberals do. They’ve got a candidate that could win. Someone immune to many of the canned attacks Republicans have ready, but she’s not perfect so let’s trash her. I do hope Duane is happy with 4 more years because that’s what he’s gonna get.

        1. The constitution of the county Democratic party where I live, promises and pledges to follow and promote, liberal policy and views. They don’t think it important to even bother with updating their constitution to change to non-gender specific language. Last revision was the early sixties. Instead of spouting off about liberals, how about doing something constructive and providing your definition of a liberal.

  3. It’s a splash page. Politicians use a splash page for up to a few weeks after their announcement. It’s pretty standard. Eventually, there will be some content.

      1. shiv,

        From Webopedia,

        splash page

        The page of a Web site that the user sees first before being given the option to continue to the main content of the site. Splash pages are used to promote a company, service or product or are used to inform the user of what kind of software or browser is necessary in order to view the rest of the site’s pages. Often a splash page will consist of animated graphics and sounds that entice the user into exploring the rest of the Web site. Some splash pages will bring the user to the main Web site automatically, and some require the user to click on a link that will load the main page.

        A splash page is sometimes referred to as a splash screen. ”

        Burke’s website is more of a small ripple page.

  4. The “other” webpage for Mary Burke has a lot of stuff on it…but, in all fairness, the Wi-GOP has been sitting on that domain for over a decade (just in case she decided to someday run for something) so they had a much bigger head start on designing the page than she did.

  5. I think it’s terrific that Burke doesn’t seem to be taking any advice whatsoever from the whiners, idealists, and suicide mission types within the Democrats – it really gives me hope that someone took the blinders off after the recall and is out to win this thing. The Web site is a teaser – it’s pretty common now to release the front-end first. Wish that had been done with I find it interesting that all this anti-Burke rhetoric (or at least the portion not driven by the GOP) is supposedly done to promote a primary. Sounds to me though that you’d really like to push Burke out of the race and only run Vinehout.

    1. Actually, Emma, I’d just like to know a little bit more about her. Jesus Christ.

      Oh, and thanks for the high regards. Oh, and read above comment about what a ” splash page ” is supposed to be.

      1. Were my comments about you personally? Didn’t realize that’s what you are based on your prior postings (which I’ve found to be the most sensible on this site) but only you can say for sure. I think if you need to go to Webopedia for a definition, then digital strategy is probably not your area of expertise. Sorry but the anti-Burke sentiments making the rounds on the Democratic blogs veer from hysterical to preposterous and everything in between.

    2. And for that matter, Emma, it’s Tate and co. who want to push out Vinehout and only run Burke. And I think it’s telling that you resort to name calling just because I point out that there’s nothing on her website. Jesus Christ.

      1. Pot meet kettle. How about accepting that Burke is running and watching her campaign and positions unfold then evaluate based on those positions?

        1. How about just a goddamned bio on the website? What did Mary Burke do between graduating college in 1985 and coming back to Trek in the late 1990’s? What did she do at Trek? She opened up global markets? Does that mean she sold bicycles overseas?

          Is it too much to ask? We’ll find out in time? Her website is a ” teaser? ” Really? Is she running for Governor or launching a new television show?

          1. She’s running for governor in a world in which shows launching digitally get more attention than anything on TV. And one in which any perceived misstep can be shared with millions in lightening speed. Looks like we’ll have a very different campaign this go around – especially if Walker is forced to make himself over into a more moderate candidate. It’ll be fun to see GOP strategists attempt that bit of wicked conjuring.

    3. EmmaR

      “…blinders off after the recall…”

      There are differing opinions about what went wrong with the recall so knowing what might work best now is as much a crap shoot as anyone’s reason for the recall not succeeding. For example, D national didn’t want a populist movement to succeed so they gave Barrett the OK after he won in Milwaukee, IMHO diffusing all prior efforts and focus in the race. That was enough to lose it, and make enough people stay home in disgust, but still be able keep up appearances of having fought the good fight. 1% fearing WI would have been a populist example, giving other states some ideas threatening their dollars’ spent to retain power.

      If Tate, et al doesn’t want a primary, I need an explanation about how that would produce the strongest and best candidate to beat Walker. But we don’t know who or what is behind Burke at this point other than DPW seems to have endorsed her. They’ve had a chance to speak glowingly of Ms Vinehout for years, but don’t do it. Her announcement is as much a trial balloon for the D establishment as anything else right now.

      1. The blinders obscure the impossible to win strategy narrowly focused on public unions pensions, benefits, and collective bargaining with little effort to show low income and middle class households why those matter to their own prosperity. Those same blinders also prevented honest, painful introspection and learning for future races so blame is cast on Barrett, Tate, the national Dem’s, etc. and Burke’s campaign is dissed for not being the same as every other losing Democratic campaign in Wisconsin (I’m specifically referring to Garvey’s late July column which was the basis for a great deal of the subsequent hysteria). Pretty sad.

        1. I’m seeing an clearer picture, thank you, of what you are alluding to and Ed’s archives are filed monthly/yearly. Not clear though, on who you see is wearing the blinders that are preventing them from from honest introspection and learning, i.e unwilling to look beyond their narrowest of self-interests and/or behaviors. I’m seeing several guilty parties with severe tunnel vision of their own, (acute headupassedness tunneling) within the D construct. For me, I gave one example here, but that isn’t what I see as the entire picture, just a big piece of the puzzle.

          I’m not a member of any political party. Thanks for responding.

          1. Garvey’s post emphatically described how a Democratic candidate for Governor must win with no sense of irony apparently, that he was never able to win using his own strategy.

              1. I was hoping to avoid speaking this plainly. She released the info she wanted released thru her video. The world has changed and you can change with it or grump and whine like many old men who can’t handle change. Your post and comments are pretty silly. Mary Burke is running her campaign, not yours. Get over yourself.

                1. Emma,

                  I expect more sophisticated insults from someone of your obvious intelligence. I think you can do better and would encourage you to try. You have my unqualified support. 🙂

  6. Makes me wonder who’s on her team and what advice she’s getting. It seems to me that what’s been done in the past isn’t necessarily the best template for today’s Wisconsin. She (and her advisers) had to know she would be immediately attacked, why not start with at minimum a strong mission statement as part of the rollout?
    What was the hurry in announcing while she’s still prepping? What or who is she trying to get ahead of?

    1. They’re probably trying to get her out there before Doe breaks so people see a non-dramatic, all business, ethical alternative. If the Doe files aren’t released, then so what. If they are, she’s in position.

  7. “What or who is she trying to get ahead of?”

    Vinehout, or anyone else who might consider running. I was invited to a meet-and-greet for Burke on Tuesday. She seems like a very nice person with good intentions, but that’s all I know so far. She is not saying much about policy positions (which is consistent with the website at this point). The ask for money was soft because it was a “meet-and-greet,” not a fundraiser, but she did say that raising money is essential and that it’s particularly important to see how much she can raise by December 31. Vinehout has said that she won’t announce a decision until January, so the hope is obviously to report a big fundraising number at the end of 2013 to scare away Vinehout and effectively avoid a primary. (There will still be a primary because two other Democratic candidates have announced, but they are not significant players.)

    1. Ms. Burke has to show, today, that’s she’s arm-pit deep in the minutae of state government.

      Walker just hit her with this: “Scott Walker announces plan to give schools $100 million to lower property taxes”

      *Starts stopwatch, waiting for Mary Burke response to Walker’s property tax announcement*

      She/Tate have to have a team in place that can respond.

      This is the campaign. Scott Walker painting her as a “tax and spend,” liberal. It will be the same in the Senate and Assembly races.

      1. John, is it so much Burke’s response that matters or that Walker did this to begin with? We’re 13 months away and he’s already trying to bribe the voters. Wonder what he’ll throw at us over the next 13 months? iPads? Target giftcards? How about a BOGO – vote for Scooter get a bobble-head Scooter in Harley gear for your mantelpiece? WI Defender says some decent things but to immediately plunge into the horse race mentality plays into the Walker strategy to corner Democrats and misses the real story, i.e., he’s realized winning isn’t a certainty.

        1. IMHO, in the minds of most, the Madison School board doesn’t matter. She has zero track record. That’s OK, but per others above, it magnifies everything that happens.

          “Uline owner says Mary Burke exaggerates her involvement in company’s jobs moves”

          Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mary Burke made sure to tout her jobs records in the video announcing her candidacy this week.

          “I spent a few years as Wisconsin’s commerce secretary, focused every day on creating jobs,” Burke says in the three-minute plug. “We’ve reopened the mill in Park Falls, brought Uline to Kenosha and helped entrepreneurs and new businesses start up and grow.”

          The promo piece came as a shock to one business leader.

          The chief executive officer of Uline Inc.

          “When I saw it, I said, ‘Holy moly, what the heck is this?’ ” said Richard Uihlein, who with his wife, Elizabeth, owns Uline, a packaging supply company. “I don’t even know her. That’s the strange part of it.”

          Uihlein said he and his wife were in touch with a lot of state and local officials when they were expanding their operations and moving the corporate headquarters to Pleasant Prairie several years ago.

          The 68-year-old businessman said he met Gov. Jim Doyle at a press conference. He also chatted several times with Burke’s successor, former Commerce Secretary Richard Leinenkugel.


          This is bad and I blame Tate. Dick Uihlein’s a Trust Fund baby from the old Schlitz brewing fortune. He’s deep, deep into the Tea Party.

          Doesn’t mean she can’t come back, but, “you never get a second chance at a first impression.” This is her “first impression,” with Wisconsin voters and her campaign looks dumb. It looks especially dumb to people who know Dick Uileihn.

          Because she’s got money, the Wisconsin media wants her to run. But, they need news. If she doesn’t want to defend her three-minute video, OK, but then she’s got give the Press something else, an on-camera interview, regurgitate all the bad stuff Republicans said about Walker

          “Neumann accuses Walker of working part time so he can campaign”

          Would be great if they could find some documentation to make Uihlein look wrong about her involvement. Make HIM look like the un-involved one, who is mis-representing his level of involvement in his own project. That would be a nice two-fer.

          She needs to hire some, tough, seasoned media folks, who have lots of well-paid support staff to cull through documents. Then pray the Doe stuff hits and they can hunker down and figure out a strategy. If they can’t she should endorse Vinehout.

          1. Sure a Scott Walker supporter whined to Bice about her. Big deal. And sure he met Leinenkugel. If that guy did any real work but schmoozing, I’d be surprised. Look I don’t pretend to know what will happen with Vinehout nor whether Burke will succeed but I wish Democrats would let the campaign unfold, stop sweating the small stuff and give it time. Walker’s people are behaving as if Burke is the iceberg their Titanic-like Governor is about to hit. Perhaps they are providing enough hysteria for all of us.

            1. One other comment, John. It’s really common in professions for the contributions of women to be downplayed by management and male colleagues. Look for this to continue with Burke and for Vinehout to come in for her share if she runs. It would be wise to never bite on these stories.

  8. You know what I’m going to do? I’m going to hold my nose and not vote at all in ’14. Just like I didn’t do in ’10. Because of a splash/landing page on a website. What could go wrong?

  9. @DanielBice
    I’m now told that Dem gov candidate Mary Burke now wants to respond to Uline CEO Richard Uihlein’s criticism. Look for an update soon.

  10. Aahhh…the packaging company whose owner is a small government free marketer conservative Republican who took state incentives from a Democratic administration to move and grow his business…that ULINE!

    1. Wallow in it if you like. Just don’t expect instant backup. Here’s a tip.. 53-46. How’s that helped Wisconsin?

      1. Two comments and nothing useful or intelligible to say. Double negative in your second sentence above, implies that you DID vote in 2010. Wallow in what? Backup from whom? Here’s a tip, come back before the six-pack is consumed next time.

        1. Snark. Video. Teaser pages. Golly gee whiz, what will the kids think of next. Maybe everyone should diss Burke some more! And Benghazi!(Must intone three times – Beghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi.) Ron Johnson for President! Obamacare! Ooh, this hysteria thing is fun. Must check the mirror to see if I’m wild-eyed and foaming at the mouth.

  11. EmmaR makes a great point with “Walker’s people are behaving as if Burke is the iceberg their Titanic-like Governor is about to hit. Perhaps they are providing enough hysteria for all of us.”

    I agree that the Democrats and independents should let this play out. Let the Republican panic roll on; let the money be spent;let the public grow tired of the anti-Burke tirades. Negative campaigning works to a degree, but too much for too long often creates a backlash. The Democrats could/should use that to their advantage.– Vinehout entering the race late as a breath of fresh air and solid representation.

    Vinehout is smart to hold back entrance to the race as she build ground support. Let the lame stream media and Repbulcians focus on Mary Burke.

    Who ever gets into the race against Scott Walker will get my support. I do hope that Vinehout will run and the Democrats will have a primary. A primary would be a good thing for many reasons.

    1. I agree with having a Primary. Let the best man, oops I mean woman, win!

      What concerns me is if Senator Vinehout can meet the expenses of a Primary and the big bucks necessary to match and beat Walker in the finals.

      1. JHC…I hope we can find the financial means necessary to support the best candidate…if even this election comes down to nominating the richest candidate…sh*t

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