15 thoughts on “Happy Halloween from Scott Walker supporters!

  1. Hate that the wing-nut uses blue backgrounds for his taciturn pronouncements.
    But see, Windmill, we may still indulge ourselves with a little good natured prodding.

    1. I’m a member of the left, and I produce public safety.

      The meme that the left is a bunch of moochers is tired; try some new talking points.

      1. For a private company? Or you receive tax payer money from a producer to do your job?

        “A record 49 percent of Americans live in a household where someone receives at least one type of government benefit, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. And 63 percent of all federal spending this year will consist of checks written to individuals for which the government receives currently no services”


        1. Steve®

          Which part of the “Americans,” are you whining about? 2M veterans needing care after 12 years of Republican started unnecessary war @ about a total of $55B over the next ten years? Or, the $80B annually for food assistance due to the US trade deals shipping US manufacturing jobs overseas. OR, the ongoing QE3 giving $83B a month to float the six largest US banks, $3Trillion dollars now that is being used for what, speculation, manipulation of commodities, starting another investment bubble ready to burst?

          How about the military industrial spy complex, sucking several hundred $B annually out of our economy and who can’t even name 5 incidents where they have protected US citizens from terrorist attacks, except for several where their undercover peeps set up some patsies with explosive? The article you quoted doesn’t make it clear who you are whining about.

          You seem to be pissed about something and it does NOT seem to be about the worst cases and the biggest usurpers of Government largess. You seem to be most upset about the poor, veterans, and the lowest paid laborers in the country. Are you telling Wal-Mart to pay their labor enough to get them off our county welfare roles or are you satisfied to continue subsidizing that corporate family with your tax dollars. LOWER PRICES and all the, “good,” the bring a community? Do you pay taxes? What do you produce?

          As a private company are you taking advantage of the written into law, automatic 3% increases in charges for goods and services you are by law, allowed to charge the government in the state of WI each year? Are those goods/services any better than could be had from government employees at lower costs? Are you using prison labor like Sen Ron Johnson while the state is responsible for Workers Comp and medical costs of that labor instead of the private industry?

          It appears that most of the time you appear here because you get some pleasure out of making twisted pointless arguments without really taking a position as to where you stand or explaining very well at all, what the hell you are talking about. Kindly make an understandable point or properly define you whine before clanking on your keyboard.

            1. My tangents came first, from the article you quoted and which I elaborated on with other examples. Therefore you are saying that the article you cited as proof of something must also be meaningless as proof to whatever you were implying with your original whine about the, “left,” always looking for handouts.

              Conversely, the cronies of Walker’s WEDC “right,” are getting 100s of million$ in tax breaks for doing what for the general welfare of the state? What’s the payoff of the tax break at the expense of the taxpayer? Explain it if my tangents are not worth a response.

              Are those charter schools that couldn’t pull themselves up by their bootstraps and are now getting million$, “lefties,” then? Public money handouts given without providing any increase in quality of education delivered over that delivered by public schools. Come on now Steve®, you made a claim above and so far, cannot or will not even define it, much less defend it, when pressed.

        2. Steve, do you consider anyone who draws a salary as a public employee to be a moocher?

          If not, which public employees are moochers and which aren’t?

          1. Of course not, you brought up the moocher and paired it with a public employee. But you do not create revenue into the economy, no matter how you want to spin it.

            Thank you for the public safety service you do provide.

    2. Steve®

      Do you mean from those producers of the next housing bubble crash? Those Wall St speculators buying up housing on low interest Fed equity supplied by the US taxpayers?


      I mean, think of it: 49 percent of all residential sales in September were all-cash purchases.[snip] And where are all these deep-pocket buyers coming from? Wall Street, of course. The big boys have switched from junk bonds and farmland to housing, which should be expected given the ocean of liquidity the Fed has pumped into the financial markets. Naturally, there’s been some spillover into housing which is creating a new regime of credit bubbles.

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