I Voted ” No “

Russ Feingold’s PAC, Progressives United, is asking us to vote on whether or not they should support Mary Burke for governor right away.  I voted no for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that it’s not clear at all that Mary Burke can be accurately described as a progressive. And because her 21st century campaign can’t see fit to put anything of substance on her website,  or even convince  some supporters to attend her press conferences.  Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t remember candidate Obama holding public events without a crowd of enthusiastic supporters in attendance.  Maybe I’m getting old, as some have suggested,  and just don’t remember? Or maybe that Obama guy is just soooo old school?

I’d also like to ask out loud why Progressives United decided to ask this question now. Did Burke approach them for support? Did Maggie Brickerman? Mike Tate? What compelled them to put this question to people only a week into the Burke campaign?

Lastly, how many “yes” votes do you think Mike Tate is trying to generate as you read this?


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37 thoughts on “I Voted ” No “

  1. Another “no” vote from me for all the excellent issues you raise.

    “Campaign” is a verb. Here’s a five-minute video (of a much longer conversation) of Gov. Walker answering questions from the JS about “residency.” No one expects Ms. Burke to be there yet, but this (someone who can speak intelligently and coherently about state issues) is what the state wants and needs in a Governor.

    Ms. Burke got her toe wet in the shallow end of the pool with her three-minute video over which she had 100% control of the content. It was very strong in many ways. The mistake with Dick Uihlein, however reflected very poorly on her campaign.

    She has to start with the issues with which she feels most comfortable and build out from there. She has to show the ability in real time to field questions and generate “sound bytes” that confirm she’s up to speed with the issue.

    I want to support Ms. Burke in the worst way. If we have to run Sen. Vinehout for Governor, I’m not sure we can hold that Senate seat.

    1. John,

      The Chippewa Valley has some very good Dems, Dana Wachs for example, who could run for Vinehout’s senate seat should she decide to run for governor. I don’t think that should be a consideration at all. The repubs didn’t even bother to run anyone in the 91st or 92nd districts in 2012, and repub Warren Petryk beat Dem Jeff Smith by less than 500 votes in the 93rd. Wachs could run and easily find a good Dem from Eau Claire for the 91st seat.

          1. Steve, there’s no such thing. Line. Crossed. Is it Zach who runs the site? Ask him to take the comment down. Issue an apology on the site.

            1. Emma,

              I know. Waiting for Cat Kin to provide some links. Should be interesting. Yes, Zach runs the site. No, I won’t ask him to take it down. This is the kind of thing that should get a full discussion out in the open.

              1. Steve, I understand what you’re saying and despite our sarcastic banter I respect your opinion. Think you’re playing with fire on this one. Blog policy indicates that comments that are libelous will be deleted. I also think it’s viciously anti-semitic and dishonors one of the finest Senators to serve our country and represent our state. I’ll leave you to it and good luck.

              2. I made the decision to edit out the comments in question. While I’m loathe to edit comments made by others, I do have limits to what I’m willing to tolerate on this blog.

            2. Okay, so what exactly needs to be taken down and why?

              Further, perhaps someone can educate me on what the “ZMP” that Cat Kin referred to is.

              I’m not going to take action until I know exactly what’s going on here.

                  1. And to think, I had just been raised in status from “Our” Windmill, to “The” Windmill, now, all for naught. 😉

          2. Steve, That ZMP name I coined. But I thought everyone was aware of this; especially those who use media. Note: I am NOT an anti-semite by any means. No one acquires dominance in any industry without talent, hard work and humility enough to organize and collaborate. I also believe in family and genetic importance.

              1. Steve,
                Have never seen the Stormfront site before today. But it was the most complete list that I’ve seen on the matter in several years. If there is any name incorrect on the list, I don’t see it.

                1. CatK, I’m not going to link to them, but if you search on Michael Wade Page (Temple Massacre) and Stormfront, you’ll see a lot of those folks support for Page.

                  1. John,

                    Please give me credit enough to realize that I’m merely quoting facts here. These folks, no matter how gruesome, were diligent enough to dig up this information. I see no reason to doubt the information, if not their motives. You are free to interpret the information in any way you wish. Please don’t kill this messenger.

                2. Cat Kin,

                  When you use information from a website created by a former Klansman to support your argument you have to know you’ve gone off the rails. If you didn’t know Stormfront was started by a former Klansman, well, you do now.

                  A list of names means nothing, proves nothing.

                  While few here would argue that corporate control of the media is a major problem in the United States, to suggest that this is evidence of an international Jewish media cartel is to start down the abhorrent path of anti-Semitism mentioned previously by both Emma and John.

                  If your beef is with the Israeli treatment of the Palestinians, Cat Kin, I’m with you. If your allegiance is to white supremacists and white nationalist pride, you’re on your own.

                  1. Accusing me of being a White Supremist is like accusing Barack Obama of being a member of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front.

                    1. CK,

                      Didn’t accuse you of anything. Have never met anyone who supports Barack Obama and uses phrases like ” Zionist media party ” while linking to a white supremacist website. The word ” flummoxed ” comes to mind.

  2. I, too, voted no. Progressives United asked for an explanation to go with my vote, and I was more than happy to give one.
    My explanation, in part, quoted the About > Our Vision section of Progressives United’s own website:
    “Realizing a true democracy in which all Americans are fairly represented in a government free of dominance by wealthy individuals or corporate interests”

  3. Often, a political website that runs polls while requiring contact info is looking for fundraising contacts. The worst ones then inundate the poll respondent with pleas for contributions.
    I think there is at least a little of that going on here. I admire Russ and I am not happy they’re doing this.

    1. I can’t think of anyone who doesn’t do it. I get tons of requests to sign petitions, vote on polls from Move-On, OFA, and tons of other Democratic groups. It’s very rare that on the back end, they’re not asking for a donation on the back end. I’m on lists. They know I’ve been generous in the past.

      Burke and DPW understandably want to see how far right they can go. That applies to fundraising, getting folks to volunteer to “knock-on-doors,” phonebank,… and vote. We’re letting them know.

  4. I don’t know if my comment and vote actually went anywhere because I didn’t fill in my credit card info and an amount. Submitting my vote took me directly to the contribution page where I didn’t see any way off or to a confirmation of voting, without a contribution. I get PU persistent solicitations in my my mail.

    I was a no, questioning why they were picking a candidate already and not asking if voters would want to see a primary. I think Tate and 2010 DPW campaign wizard, Maggie Brickerman, understand they wouldn’t have a chance in a debate on issues and information against Vinehout.

    1. He’s a member of what? Are you for real here? And BB, are you really going to leave this comment up? Forget who’s for Vinehout and who’s for giving Burke a chance, there’s deep evil in this sort of thinking.

      1. Emma,

        I think Cat Kin should come forth with some links explaining his/her comment. Been waiting for them a few hours now. You should calm down and wait too.

    2. Cat, I interpreted your comment to contain more than a strong whiff of anti-semitism. Hope I’m wrong about that.

      I personally found your criticism of Sen. Feingold deeply offensive.

      FWIW, I have serious issues with the way Israel treats the Palestinians. It’s not as bad as the Warsaw ghetto http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Warsaw_Ghetto

      , yet, but it certainly appears to be trending in that direction.

  5. I am already on Progressives United’s e-mail list, so I did not mind submitting my contact information along with my “no” vote. I recommended that PU wait at least six months (until candidates begin to collect nomination signatures) before endorsing anyone. Why would they endorse before knowing exactly who is running and long before we know enough about the positions of Mary Burke, let alone the positions of anyone else who might run?

    1. Late last week I got an invite to a private house meeting with the D county leadership where the D regional state coordinator will speak. Was not going to attend as these people are firmly in Tate’s pocket as far as candidate selection and strategy. After getting the PU survey over the weekend, I thought I might have to go listen and see what is being promoted/pushed, or not.

      This D regional coordinator was all over with telling everyone to email anytime with questions, which I’ve done several times without being a pest and never once received a reply in 6-7 months.

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