Jessie Rodriguez – Scott Walker foot soldier

As a result of last night’s Republican primary in the 21st Assembly District, Democrat Elizabeth Coppola will face off against far-right conservative Republican Jessie Rodriguez, and I felt it was worth noting just how much of a Scott Walker foot soldier Rodriguez will be if elected.

Putting aside the fact that Rodriguez has raised a significant amount of money from establishment Republicans (and Walker loyalists) like John Hiller and Mark Block, a quick glance at Rodriguez’s website shows a set of bullet points straight out of the Scott Walker playbook.

  • Fight to Eliminate Government Regulations That Kill Job Creation
  • Work to Lower the Tax Burden for Small Business Owners
  • Foster Job Creation by Simplifying the Tax Code
  • Offer Families the Best Educational Opportunities to Develop a Competitive Wisconsin Workforce

Expanding on the bullet points, Rodriguez notes she wants to expand the parental choice program that has sucked money out of our state’s public school systems while showing no conclusive achievement difference from those public schools.

As proof of how woefully unable to do anything but spew talking points Rodriguez is, listen to an interview Rodriguez gave to WisPolitics. Listen at the 4:40 mark as Rodriguez is asked about Act 10. Her response is absolutely painful, and it shows how stunningly unable she is to do anything but parrot Republican talking points that we’ve all heard time and time again.

The fact is, if Jessie Rodriguez is elected to the State Assembly, she’ll take her marching orders straight from Robin Vos and Scott Walker, as opposed to actually representing her constituents. The residents of the 21st Assembly District deserve much more than that from their elected Representative, and that’s why Elizabeth Coppola would be the best choice in that district.


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4 thoughts on “Jessie Rodriguez – Scott Walker foot soldier

    1. I work 4 Elizabeth Coppola campaign we could use help with phone calls or going door 2 door so if u have any time please help out. Are location is 7435 s howell ave in Oak Creek so please come on by.

  1. It’s time our 21st District sends a representative to Madison, instead of having Madison special interests choose a representative for us.

  2. I work 4 Elizabeth Coppola we could use your help with making phone calls or going door 2 door so if u have any time please help out. We have 2 WIN back our state back.

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