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Son of Slain Sikh Temple Leader Mulling Congressional Bid – New American Media/South Asian


In an interview this week, a day before he filed papers with the FEC, Kaleka told India-West he believes gun violence can be controlled by better background checks. “Getting the guns out of wrong hands is the first tool to controlling gun violence,” he asserted.

The young Indian American noted that a restorative justice system – which teaches criminals how to function within society – rather than the current punitive justice system would throw $800 billion back in to the national economy.

“Peace is far more lucrative than crime. We spend so much money on crime, which is hurting our GDP,” Kaleka stated.

Pardeep Kaleka, Amardeep’s brother, told India-West that he owns three guns, including a 357 magnum and two handguns. Pardeep, an ex-police officer, said registering guns – “knowing where they are and who owns them” and the buyer’s medical and mental health background – would cut down a lot of crime.

Amardeep Kaleka told India-West that economic reform – not gun control – would be the focus of his campaign.

“We need Clintonian reform of stepping up the middle class with proper government stimulation. We were on the right track when (President Barack) Obama took office, but then back-tracked when the obstructionists took over in 2010,” Kaleka stated.

“We have to ask ourselves, ‘are we a trickle-down economy of crony capitalism, or a step-up economy that’s raising the middle class,” Kaleka stated.


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