Kaleka Tweets Half-Way Mark for Congressional Campaign

From October 28th:” Breaking: halfway to goal to tilt my possible Congressional campaign v. Paul Ryan”


After meeting with the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, Kaleka positions himself as anti-establishment, bucking the system, bi=partisan, and moderate: Ryan challenger meets fundraisers, party officials in Washington, D.C.

According to Kaleka, the powerful DCCC recommended polling to get a sense of his chances in the district.

He disagreed. “You know how I poll? I go there and I talk to people,” Kaleka said.

And so far, he said, the response from the region has been positive.

I’ve counted 121 hugs since (announcing) Monday,” Kaleka said. “It’s people coming heart-to-heart and saying. “We really want you to do this.”

Kaleka said he also “fought with the DCCC” when it came to staffing his potential campaign.

Lamenting the “brain drain of qualified young people leaving southeastern Wisconsin, he said, “Everybody wants to bring the national pundits in…. but if I’m going to campaign, I’m going to go local.”

Kaleka said he envisions staffing his office with”young and savvy Democrats and Republicans…. people who are moderate in their views and want to move the economy and our nation forward.”


Kaleka: Crowdfunding success Signals run against Ryan

Amar Kaleka, a Democrat considering challenging Congressman Paul Ryan, has launched a crowdfunding campaign and says its success so far means he’ll run.


Kaleka’s is the first congressional exploratory committee to start off fundraising this way, according to representatives from crowdtilt.com, a site that lets people to pool money for shared goals.

The filmmaker, entrepreneur and former teacher launched the 10-day fundraising campaign Monday with a video in which he says, “In true Democratic form, I have decided to come to you, the people, first.”

Kaleka, 35, says in the video that if he can raise $5,000 or more by Nov. 3, he will consider that sufficient encouragement to file the paperwork and launch a formal bid against Ryan.

As of Tuesday, crowdtilt.com showed Kaleka has raised $5,372.01 since Monday. Having exceeded his crowdfunding goal, Kaleka said he is aiming for Nov. 8 to make a formal campaign announcement.

Text at the end of Kaleka’s video promises: “If you elect me, you will never again need a speech writer or a giant pot of money to throw your hat into the ring with corporate interests.”




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4 thoughts on “Kaleka Tweets Half-Way Mark for Congressional Campaign

    1. Yeah, I’m not sure what to make of that. I’m not sure what to make of much of what little Kaleka has offered about his approach to policy and governance. Politifact is not a source I trust, and I put little stock in so-called “fact-checkers” to begin with, but here they seem to have done an okay job. That said, I’m willing to give Kaleka a little room providing he gives more detail about his assertion. For all we know it could be a gaffe with truth behind it rather than a rube’s blunder. At the moment it looks like the latter. I believe he still resides in California (though I’ve not confirmed that) so he may be privy to information that we are not given the issues of water diversion in the West/Southwest. He’s not a politician first; I’m willing to give him some benefit of doubt at this stage, but it’s not looking good.

      On Twitter Jessica Taylor chided him pretty soundly for not citing his source, though it’s unclear as to what she is referring. It might be the water comment. The wrist slapping might be warranted, but a good journalist would probably correspond a message of that nature through email.

      At any rate, I’m not sure what to make of Kaleka. He supports a restorative justice system and middle of the ground gun control with background checks, both of which are good starting points, but he’s also in favor of what he describes as “Clintonian reform” which leaves me more than a little leery. Admittedly, I’m not at all interested in “entrepreneurial” “innovative” approaches that prioritize the financialization of the economy. And frankly, I’m not thrilled with the idea of his office potentially staffed with “young savvy Democrats and Republicans.”

      I’m also not too fond of more “middle-class” platitudes like those he mentions in his Crowdtilt video. I’ve had my fill of it, really, no matter which candidate/politician uses it. Even so, Kaleka seems sincere and I hope he runs. I think his candidacy would strengthen the democratic process.

      1. I don’t think Kaleka can beat Zerban in a primary, but imho that doesn’t automatically mean his candidacy is bad for Democrats or liberals/progressives.

        As well they should be, GOP and the teaparty is terrified at the prospect of a Ryan loss. If the race is even close, a lot of national money (that would otherwise go to Walker?) would pour into Paulie.

        Any help Kaleka can get from Gabrielle Giffords http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gabrielle_Giffords is a nightmare for Ryan. She (and her astronaut husband) will draw crowds. Kaleka’s a living counterpoint to the social destruction that breeds killers like Wade Michael Page.

        Although Sikhs aren’t Islamic, Wade Michael Page either didn’t know or didn’t care.

        “Islamic rights group’s report rips Bradley Foundation funding”


        If he loses in the primary, it would really help Zerban if Kaleka would vigorously support Rob’s candidacy.

        I find the majority of reader comments (and votes) in the excellent linked article below to be deeply disturbing.

        “Collection takes on myths about American Muslims”

  1. I am excited that Kaleka is running. He is absolutely right. You don’t have to raise millions of dollars to win. The DPW has instilled this in its membership so they are programmed not to support anyone who doesn’t. I ran against 17 term Tom Petri for Congress on $7000 and got almost 40% of the vote. Other challengers spent over a million and got 42%. It’s not all about the money. You need to be creative with your money and have a message that connects with the voters. I wish Mr. Kaleka the best……………

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