Mary Burke Announces That She Is In – for Democratic Race for Wisconsin Governor!

From my in box:

I wanted you to be among the first to know that, as of this morning, I’m running for governor of Wisconsin.

Watch my announcement video.

Helping to turn my family’s business, Trek Bicycle, into a global company has been a big part of my life. Now I’d like to help make our great home state of Wisconsin even better as your governor. At Trek, I led strategic planning for nine years, and it was my job to open up new global markets.

Today, we’ve grown to almost 1,000 employees right here in Wisconsin. I’m proud of that, but I also know there are small businesses all over our state who’ve got everything it takes to dream just as big.

That’s why when you look at states like Minnesota, Indiana and Ohio you wonder what the heck’s going on. Because Wisconsin ranks 45th in projected job growth.

Just like Washington, our state capitol has become so focused on politics and winning the next political fight that it’s pulling our state apart and our economy down. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

I’m running for governor because we can do better than that. A lot better. But to do it, we’ve got to make some real changes in Madison. I know winning won’t be easy. That’s why I need you to be part of my campaign.

After watching my announcement video – will you spread the word and tell your friends and family?

I know the great possibilities of this state. I know we can achieve them if we work together.

Please join me in working for an even better Wisconsin,

Mary Burke


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8 thoughts on “Mary Burke Announces That She Is In – for Democratic Race for Wisconsin Governor!

  1. Ed, thanks.

    Per Steve Carlson’s scoop back in August, “Breaking: MJS Seeking Access to John Doe”

    the timing of Ms. Burke’s announcement is very interesting.

    Great Tweet here from Rep Chris Taylor

    Honadel. Suder. Stone. Now Van Hollen. Repubs are dropping like flies. They created this mess, now they are bolting. #wiright

    Based on all the activity, could we start seeing some of the emails pretty soon?

    Will Scott Walker even be the GOP nominee for Governor?

  2. And from my in box, from Mike Tate:

    In case you missed it, I wanted to pass along this exciting message from Mary Burke about her decision to enter the race for governor.

    Between her track record of growing good-paying private sector jobs right here in Wisconsin and experience as an executive in the public and nonprofit sectors, Mary really understands how to create jobs and opportunity for Wisconsinites. Mary also knows that the way we move forward is together. Her history of bringing people together for the betterment of our state will serve as a stark contrast to Scott Walker’s style of divisive extremism.



    1. Was typing last comment when you posted this one. Not sure where to do the research quite yet, but interested in how much of the volume of Trek output comes from Asia for starters.

      Mr Tate, no surprise there. Bonus that the campaign, however it shakes out, is finally underway.

      1. And hearing it on the headset, WPR just now, I’m wondering where potential ties to a global corporation might fit the oligarchs and national Dems immediately down the line regarding the TPP, Obomba’s hoped for xmas “present,” to the 99%. I know, born skeptic. 😉

  3. Thanks Ed,

    I’m still hoping we have a primary. This announcement will serve to get more information about the candidates revealed. That’s good.

    @John C — Shifts in the R leadership ranks may not indicate complete dropping out. Van Hollen for gov perhaps? Worst case for any of them is having done their dirt they get their corporate rewards.

    1. I would love it if she would just start by adding some policy positions and ideas to her website.

  4. She is too slow on her campaign. They already stole Mary She hadn’t even made a public figure fb page. She needs to get on this fast and take this seriously….

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