Mary Burke promises to make no promises during her gubernatorial campaign

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Democrat Mary Burke is only making one promise as she launches her campaign for governor: no promises.

Burke, in an interview with The Associated Press, said she will not commit to making specific commitments on some of the biggest issues in the race, including whether she will undo Gov. Scott Walker’s law that effectively ended collective bargaining for public workers.

Burke also said she won’t make any specific job creation promises, like Walker did in 2010 when he pledged to create 250,000 private sector jobs over four years. He’s only about a quarter of the way there after two years.

“I get into this race not making any promises,” Burke said in the Tuesday interview.



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11 thoughts on “Mary Burke promises to make no promises during her gubernatorial campaign

  1. I hereby announce my candidacy for Governor of Wisconsin.

    I am a Caucasian, male, and an old fart wiser and more experienced than anyone else.

    Further personal or political information is none of your business.

    1. Steve®

      Nice of you to hit and run today. To be expected, I guess. You must be on the receiving end of one of those WEDC tax breaks to be so overjoyed with Walker. Bootstrapping it (?), you built it yourself, eh?

      Saw this elsewhere today but it is fitting and true. The left, progressives and to a much lesser extent, Democrats, have varying points of view and will engage in open discussion, whereas in speaking of the conservative right, or the right as having a view point, in actuality, right wing conservatism is a developmental brain disease, caused by severe authoritarian parenting. Good for you, not so much for most of us.

      There is a lot of the left to be heard from, yet. This blog reflects only a small part of non-conservatives. Probably a good thing you ran when you did.

      1. Hard to hear you when you’re posting from a hotel in Illinois or over the solidarity sing alongs.

        1. 2011 called and wants its lame talking point back.

          Seriously “Steve”, THIS is all you political operatives have over at WisGOP? Guess Maher was right when he said you guys never evolved past age 14.

  2. The statement of no promises comes directly from having no real electoral experience in politics. Burke is right on not making a statement that would box her in like 250,000 jobs or a 15 dollar minimum wage, but she should have said she will work hard every day as governor by supporting a family wage for every Wisconsinite.

  3. So her first promise is not to make promises. Sounds like a politician to me.

    May I suggest that her second promise should be not to break any promises.

  4. If, before she announced, she and her advisors didn’t come up with a list of ‘questions that need to be answered in a way that can get me elected’, and if the Act 10 question wasn’t at the top of that list, she does not deserve to be the candidate. She does not know her base, her majority or her enemies. She shouldn’t be figuring this out as she goes along.

    1. What was that long period of toying with the idea of making a run for Governor all about if she didn’t spend any of it coming up with policy positions or figuring out how to both motivate the base and appeal to the middle? Did it really take four weeks to come up with “No promises” as a campaign pledge and then have no policy positions at all?

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