Mary Burke says she’s open to open pit iron mining in northwoods WI

Well this is something…

The only currently-declared Democratic candidate for Wisconsin governor said she’s open to a proposed open pit iron ore mine in the Penokee Hills, but she said she would have vetoed the Republican bill passed this year that speeds up the mine permitting process.

Mary Burke was in Superior, Ashland and Bayfield over the weekend as part of her state campaign tour. She said she got an earful about mining.

“People are concerned about whether we are risking the sustainability and natural resources that are such assets to the state without the needed protections,” Burke said. “People are concerned about jobs, and want to make sure we do have good paying jobs, but also want to make sure that that’s balanced with protecting our resources, which are important for not only this generation but generations to come.”

Burke said she’s still looking into the issue and thinks mining can happen, but only under certain circumstances, not those set by the Republican legislation.


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3 thoughts on “Mary Burke says she’s open to open pit iron mining in northwoods WI

  1. Think it’s a good statement about the environment.

    The best part imho is where she mentions “good paying” jobs.

  2. Burke’s position on mining is where a lot of people are in agreement. If we have sane regulations then lets do it.

  3. Her statement is exactly what the position of the Jauch, Cullen, and every other Democratic working against the GTAC mine.

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