Mary Burke to travel to Washington D.C. to raise funds for gubernatorial campaign

As report by Dan Bice of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mary Burke will be traveling to Washington, D.C. next week for a fundraiser at the home of uber-lobbyists Bill and Cindi Broydrick.

Lobbyist Bill Broydrick and his wife, Cindi, will host the fundraiser at their Georgetown townhouse from 6 to 9 p.m. on Nov. 13. Burke is the only announced Democratic candidate hoping to challenge Republican Gov. Scott Walker

“We know Mary’s got what it takes to turn Wisconsin around, but winning this race will take the support of thousands of supporters from all around the country just like you,” says the online invitation.

While I’ll no doubt be criticized by some from my side of the political aisle for reporting on Burke’s venture to D.C. to raise money with lobbyists, I’m not going to be a hypocrite. I attacked Gov. Walker for traipsing around the country to raise funds for his campaign, and just because Mary Burke’s a Democrat doesn’t mean I should be okay with it.

And sure, I understand that Mary Burke needs to raise money to compete with Scott Walker, but does she need to sacrifice the high ground in the process?


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70 thoughts on “Mary Burke to travel to Washington D.C. to raise funds for gubernatorial campaign

  1. Raising money where there is money isn’t losing the high ground.

    We don’t live in a world where there’s public financing. You need money to make payroll, to hire good staff, to buy tv ads, to do mailings.

    You should raise money where it’s at.

    That’s not losing the high ground, that’s running a campaign.

      1. Oh Come on.

        So anyone who calls this sort of nitpicking counter productive is obviously personally scorned by it?

        Give me a break John.

    1. This DJ: “You should raise money where it’s at.”

      Like Walker does; from the Koch Klan and other out of state “Robber Barons”?

      1. Because raising money from DC is akin to raising money from “Robber Barons”

        I’m sure that the wisconsin ex-pats who live there feel loved that they can’t possibly contribute to a candidate who’s running to improve the state they grew up in or love?

        1. This DJ,

          if she’s getting donations from “ex-pats,” why can’t she just use direct mail, or gasp, an email?

          Can you save us a lot of time and just admit you didn’t even bother to read Zach’s post.

          “And sure, I understand that Mary Burke needs to raise money to compete with Scott Walker, but does she need to sacrifice the high ground in the process?”

          After Zach wrote that, look what turned up on the front-page of the biggest newspaper in the state:

          “Common Core standards debate heats up over payments by John Birch group
          Foundation tied to group paid out-of-state speakers at hearings”

          “Do a search on “K Street” and “privatization,” You’ll find a lot of crap like this.

          “Consultant’s advice could cost state tens of millions”

          *****Maximus has a history going back more than a decade of being cited in audits for its work in Wisconsin — and a history of making political donations to governors of both political parties.*****

          The use of private consultants in state government has increased in recent decades, as outside contractors such as Maximus help perform functions that were previously handled by state employees. Executives at those private companies often end up providing campaign contributions to state elected officials.

          A review by the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign found $34,500 in political action committee contributions to state politicians directly from Maximus employees between 1999 and 2011, along with another $3,225 worth of campaign contributions to state candidates by Maximus employees between 2000 and 2010.

          The PAC contributions included $5,000 to Walker’s campaign in January 2011 and $5,000 to Doyle in January 2003. In other words, in both cases Maximus chose to contribute right after both men took office in their first terms as governor, rather than while they were engaged in their first campaign for the office.

          Former GOP Gov. Scott McCallum received a total of $15,000 in PAC contributions from Maximus employees in 2001 and 2002, and Thompson received a $5,000 contribution through the company’s PAC in 1999.

          In 2001, a state audit found that Maximus spent $415,000 in disallowed or questioned expenses in the state’s Welfare to Work, or W-2, program. For instance, Maximus paid Broadway actress and singer Melba Moore $23,000 to sing to W-2 graduates and share her personal story with them at three events in June 1999, including a job training graduation ceremony for former welfare recipients held at Milwaukee Area Technical College, according to that report.

          In 2005, state officials ordered Maximus to repay $35,400 in bonuses awarded with taxpayer money to its executives doing W-2 work after a state audit found that those payments violated state policy. In all, Maximus paid more than $721,000 in bonuses to workers from 2002 through 2004, with the vast majority of that coming from W-2 funds.

          If local and state governments don’t pay competitive wages, benefits, retirement packages, (cough, cough Scott Walker, Chris Abele,….) the smart folks all go to work for contractors who treat the state taxpayers like their own personal ATM. You get into some real money when you let Hewlett Packard bill Wisconsin for coding, (cough, cough welfare) to their already-built Medicaid billing system and then much much worse, let them act as “fiscal agent.” That means HP gets a cut of every transaction. Because you obviously need everything spelled out, that means they have ZERO incentive to find fraud.

          This is from 2007: “Wisconsin Medicaid Computer System Overhaul Delayed Again”

          “…Jason Helgerson, Wisconsin’s Medicaid director, blamed EDS for the delays. He said, “We remain very skeptical” that the new deadline can be met, adding, “And we’re going to make sure that before we move this date, we want to move it only one more time….”

          All EDS/HP had to do was bribe an accounting firm (Deloitte’s a favorite in Madison) to bribe state politicians to accept Deloitte’s assessment that EDS was the best vendor for the job. Then as payback, EDS/HP tells some of bigger clients, how smart the Deloitte folks are.

          HP “got wind of what a great scam this was,” and bought EDS in 2008.

          “HP to Acquire EDS for $13.9 Billion”

          “….Acquiring EDS advances HP’s stated objective of strengthening its services business. The specific service offerings delivered by the combined companies are: IT outsourcing, including data center services, workplace services, networking services and managed security; business process outsourcing, including health claims, financial processing, CRM and HR outsourcing; applications, including development, modernization and management; consulting and integration; and technology services. The combination will provide extensive experience in offering solutions to customers in the areas of government, healthcare, manufacturing, financial services, energy, transportation, communications, and consumer industries and retail….”

          “offering solutions to customers in the areas of government, health care…..,”

          EDS, HP, …. all these folks run the same game. They hire all the smartest state workers, learn from them (not how to deliver better service to the taxpayers) how to increase profit margins and then gradually off shores their jobs.

          From 2012 “HP will lay off 157 in Wisconsin, 134 at Madison facility

          Now, state government is at the mercy of multi-nationals. It no longer has the talent or expertise to actually run state government. They in many cases have no idea what they’re recommending that legislators “appropriate.” That’s why Google and everyone else belongs to ALEC or whatever their identity is. The corporations right the state legislation and then pay the legislators to act like a sales force to “sell it” to the media and the public.

          So, I’m confident HP’s lobbyists will be there in Georgetown with plenty of money (a fraction of what they’ve stolen from Wisconsin taxpayers over the years) for Ms. Burke.

  2. Zach,

    Your incoherent rage against Mary Burke is going to re-elect Scott Walker. If you don’t quit whining like a spoiled child you’re going to re-elect Scott Walker. In fact, if you don’t take this blog down immediately climate change may worsen abruptly, the nation will be more vulnerable to terrorists, Ed Garvey and Ralph Nader will probably start another war with Iraq, and you will be solely responsible for re-electing Scott Walker. You, by yourself.

    In the name of all we hold dear, for chrissakes, please cease and desist.

    For chrissakes. Please.

    1. Yes Steve,

      And now that we all have the real truth, straight from the horse’s mouth in that newly released publication, Unintimidated, with FACTS in writing, there is no longer anything to criticize our esteemed, dear leader about anymore. We might as well all go home now, the party is over.

    2. SC,
      Get hold of yourself.
      Equal opportunity reporting is the decent thing to do. Isn’t it?

    3. Steve, “…incoherent rage…”? As said in Hamlet, “methinks thou dost protest too much.”

      Zach is but one voice here and is allowed to equally voice his conscience and to express his opinion. Also, we all know the evil that has been inflicted upon Wisconsin through and by outside interests and their money.

      I agree with Zach, but for a different reason. Burke’s biggest need, assuming no primary, is to know the issues, articulate her position, and get to know the people…as well as Kathleen Vinehout does and has been doing for two terms as a State Senator.

      If Walker is elected, it will be because Burke, who currently is a blank page, failed on her own lack of merits, not because of Zach. OR, in the case of no primary, Walker/Koch will succeed because Senator Vinehout was NOT a primary candidate.

      1. Excuse me, Steve, if I failed to get your sense of humor. “Laugh and the world laughs with you; weep and you weep alone.”

        I laughing now.;)

    4. High quality satire, Steve. Very well played.

      After all, we MUST PICK THE CANDIDATE NOW, more than 12 months before the election, and can’t show a modicum of diversity in the party! No time at all to see what might happen or how candidates respond to issues, we gotta do it NOW NOW NOW!!

  3. This Blog is Sexist.
    and incoherent.
    and ragey.
    bad, bad Blog.
    If Mary Burke were a man you would not post this article without making note of the fact that the Lobbyists hosting the Burke Fundraiser represent the only parties actually recently Convicted of money laundering and campaign finance impropriety for their illegal donations to Scott Walker.

    1. Pink, unless, you think 2011 is “recent” that conviction of Garnder, isn’t.

      The catch, however, of the May 2013 link between Broydrick and Gardner is excellent.

      Care to clarify your position a little more?

    2. I noticed that too. There were 4 posts yesterday attacking female elected officials or candidates. Four. Unfortunately it is pretty consistent here and same old same old for the last several years.

      1. Stan, are we not allowed to criticize women running for office because they happen to be women and therefore are supposed to be immune from criticism?

      2. Stan,

        Are you the same Stan that was smearing Ed Garvey on Dougie Cyanides FB page just awhile back? That’s two smears of successful men in one week. What’s up with that Stan? Weird. What are you man, some kind of cyber stalking smear monger? Creepy.

        1. To be fair, there’s probably a generation gap when it comes to forming an opinion about Garvey. For those of us with 50, 60, 70 years left or with small children, he paints a gloomy picture and is thin on solutions. And it sure would have been nice if Progressives running in past elections had perhaps done what was necessary to win and prevented so much destructive policy from being enacted. Doesn’t mean you can’t appreciate him though.

          1. Emma,

            Yeah, to be fair it sure would have been nice if AFSCME hadn’t endorsed Tommy Thompson for governor in 1998 when Garvey and Barb Lawton ran.

            Man, that sure would have been nice.

              1. Even more amazing is how many Garvey bashers there are running around on the blogosphere and facebook pages without mentioning facts like this. Almost makes you wonder if they’re all working from the same playbook.

                1. He brings it on himself by writing Democracy is dead then offers up no practical solution to this dire, national emergency other than a demand for a Wisconsin gubanatorial primary. Totally absurd. I’ll take your word for it that he made past contributions but his race seems run.

                  1. Emma,

                    You couldn’t be more wrong Emma. On all counts. I’ll take your word for it that young people with kids and decades left on the planet don’t really know what they’re talking about. Probably no coincidence that that’s a good description of Tate and his staff.

                    1. I’m guessing then you haven’t read his recent blog post. Your disdain for younger generations isn’t going to help you gain any traction for your preferred candidate.

                    2. You’re the one who said that young people didn’t know enough to form an opinion of Garvey, Emma, and then you offered one anyway. Shall we assume all your opinions are similarly formed?

                      And I would remind you that it’s not Garvey’s fault that Trek bicycles are made in China, or that Mary Burke is traveling to DC to raise money from lobbyists, or that the Supreme Court handed the election to Bush in 2000.

                      People of your ilk seem to have this obsession with Garvey. Weird.

                    3. You need a refresher on reading comprehension, Steve. I indicated there’s a generational divide in opinion which suggests a different opinion rather than an absence of one. You’re one little ball of emotions aren’t you? Get a grip.

              2. Tommy was actually very good for AFSCME’s members, so the union’s endorsement of him shouldn’t be a surprise. After all, it was under Tommy Thompson that our state prison system became the behemoth it is today, so it’s thanks to Tommy Thompson that AFSCME’s membership grew.

          2. Just as an aside, as a guy in his 30’s who expects a good long run ahead hopefully and with a two year old I still respect Ed Garvey. Anyone who still believes in a role for government other than building stadiums for billionaires and making highways wider is a voice worth at least listening too.

        2. No, I do not even know who Dougie Cyanides is. You know there is more than one Stan in the world, right?

    3. The site behind your screen name, burke-forwisconsin dot com is coming up with a warning to think twice about visiting it.

      Care to elaborate on your connections and your site?

  4. Don’t worry, I’m sure some candidate will come along and correctly implement each step of the Liberal Handbook for Losing to make you all feel better. Course Senator Baldwin didn’t restrict herself to in-state money either… Hmmm… But why ruin a good Blogging Blue Burke pile-on. Yeahhhh, down with Burke. No one successful should ever run for Governor.

    1. Somebody tell me if I am reading indieguy and Emma wrong, but did they totally miss Steve’s deliberate sarcasm or just not have their coffee yet? I admit my attempt at sarcasm following Steve’s was not near the caliber of his, but I thought it would at least be recognizable.

      Cat Kin gave this windmill license to have fun a few threads ago.

      1. Steve is making fun of yesterday’s Craver article. I’m being sarcastic about this particular post and some of the comments to this and every Burke post.

    2. Emma,

      Thanks for bringing up another fire-breathing liberal.

      Do you remember when Sen. Baldwin was in the House and Obama needed every single Dem vote to pass Obamacare, she rallied the Progressive caucus against the Bart Stupak Amendment that made it tougher for poor women to get an abortion?

      Do you remember when she made Obama accept a “public option,” (folks could CHOOSE to BUY Medicare coverage, along with the crap coverage the health insurance oligopoly is offering) which would have meant no need for a MANDATE? Yeah, me neither.

      Do you remember when Sen. Baldwin came out again and again in the press and blasted the President over attempts to “chain the CPI,” so veterans’ benefits and Social Security would NO longer rise with inflation? Yeah, me neither.

      Ms. Burke can’t find time to do a “listening tour,” of Wisconsin, but plenty of time to fly to D.C.

      But don’t worry, Dems have really gotten the message this time. They’re not going to take us for granted any more.

      “30 House Democrats Joined the GOP to Sell You Out to Wall Street. Which Ones?”

      “Republicans and conservative Democrats just voted to sell you out to Wall Street. In other words, it’s Tuesday…..

      You see, Gwen Moore’s a conservative Democrat. And Ron Kind, you can’t expect him to stand up to Wall Street.

      I thought this was excellent on the “Overton Window.”

      “How a Frustrated Blogger Made Expanding Social Security a Respectable Idea
      Thanks to decades of stagnant wages and the Great Recession, more than half of American working-class households are at risk of being unable to sustain their standard of living past retirement. Duncan Black is trying to change that.”

      On the plus side, thanks to you, IG, and Pink Mafia, I’m sending Zach a check for $50.

      1. Listenning tour of Wisconsin or listening to a particular set of disaffected bloggers and commenters who don’t feel personally consulted? Methinks the latter.

    3. Emma, I’m sure you’ll correct me if I’m wrong, but when have I ever written that no one successful should run for office?

      I don’t begrudge Mary Burke for her success, but at the same time I thought that the DPW was gauging candidate viability on the extent to which candidates could fund their campaigns.

      Ultimately though, if you’re okay with Wisconsin’s elected officials going to D.C. to raise funds with lobbyists, then so be it.

      1. No, I’m not fine with it which is yet another reason for a large, powerful Progressive Caucus at the Federal level that can pass legislation to restore fair elections. In the meantime, why should Mary Burke risk losing the election? On principle?

        I think you’re stirring up unnecessary negativity with a post like this when the reality is that anyone who hopes to beat Walker will have to be well-funded.

        1. I agree with you on the need for a large, powerful progressive caucus to change the way elections are funded….I wholeheartedly agree.

          1. John, you have to really give it a rest with setting all these weird little purity tests to be Governor. Hell, if we turned the clock back, I wouldn’t sign the recall petition. What was the point in the end and why set myself up for some petty potential employer to exploit it? There was no plan, no candidate and no strategy and therefore no win. The extremists keep implementing their agenda. And now come to find out God was on Walker’s side all along. Can’t this just be about getting a Democrat elected Governor?

            1. E, I’ll that that as a “no.”

              1. W/R/T, “little purity tests,” what separates Ms. Burke from Sen. Vinehout?

              2. If choice and collective bargaining are “little purity tests,” what’s so bad about Scott Walker?

              W/R/T, “What was the point in the end and why set myself up for some petty potential employer to exploit it?”

              It’s called a responsibility of citizenship. Sorry you don’t think choice and collective bargaining are worth the risk. Invite you to start more seriously considering the responsibilities of citizenship, not just the rights.

              Ms. Burke by the way, can’t use your, “scared of some ‘petty potential employer,'” excuse. excuse. Can you ask DPW to generate another one?

              The right leaning Politifact rated this “FALSE.”

              “Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker says he campaigned on his budget repair plan, including curtailing collective bargaining”


              The point of the recall was that Walker lied. He NEVER campaigned on curtailing collective bargaining. This is why so many of us are so concerned about who the Democratic candidate is. After Chris Abele, it looks like DPW’s at war with public sector workers. That’s Walker’s “divide and conquer,” strategy. Once the public sector unions are crushed, the private sector trade unions are much more vulnerable.

              1. John, I have no idea whether or not Burke signed the petition and I just don’t care. You’re spinning your wheels needlessly on that one. As for your very interesting take on Scott Walker not running on ending collective bargaining, don’t you think all it really took to assess him is a little critical thinking based on his actions and remarks as MKE County Exec? Check out Shaina’s post today. I also would suggest you not wait for your ideal candidate – this person does not exist. Figure out who can defeat Walker period. Then find legislative races to support – there are more and more Democrats announcing each week and they’ll need resources. Nothing much changes without turnover in the legislature.

                1. Emma,

                  I’m trying to recall, did Walker sign the ultrasound bill before or after the “recall,” which took place in spite of you and Ms. Burke NOT signing a petition?

                  What genius at DPW thought dissing a moderate like Barrett would help promote an allegedly moderate Ms. Burke?

                  If Ms. Burke needs cash, if Ms. Burke wants to run to the center to beat Scott Walker, why isn’t she advocating the legalization of marijuana? Wouldn’t that raise money, her name recognition, and her poll numbers?

                  Have you read about those food stamp cuts? Thought you’d enjoy this from September 2010, when the Democrats controlled the White House, the Senate and the House. It took that legislation three years to wind its way through the system.

                  “Let’s start with the fact that the Child Nutrition Act needs reauthorization by the end of this week or it expires. Good news, the Senate has already passed a bill and is not the problem! Bad news, the Senate found $2.2 billion in offsets for the bill by dipping into the SNAP cookie jar and cutting increases to the food stamp program from the stimulus. Here’s a good explanation of what happened here:

                  ‘The $10 billion Education Jobs Fund and $16.1 billion Medicaid reimbursement increase, which Congress passed in mid-August, was also made possible by offsets from the SNAP benefits increase in ARRA. Specifically, Congress created $11.9 billion in offsets by setting a 2014 end date for the ARRA SNAP benefits increase. While this offset was also unpopular with anti-hunger advocates, it was less controversial because the ARRA SNAP benefits increase was originally intended to end in 2014 anyway.

                  The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 provided funds to increase the value of SNAP benefits until annual inflation adjustments to SNAP reached ARRA levels – believed at the time to be in 2014. But low levels of food cost inflation in 2009 and 2010 slowed down that timeline, meaning that SNAP adjustments wouldn’t meet ARRA levels until 2018. Although the 2014 deadline for the ARRA funds meant that SNAP benefits would likely drop from 2014 to 2018, the perceived urgency of the Education Jobs Fund and Medicaid increase made the offset politically viable.’

                  Politically ‘viable,’ but not viable to anti-hunger advocates, who lay out the impact of cutting benefits. This is a picture of a week’s worth of food on food stamps, under the cut scenario:

                  This represents a real cut in benefits in 2013:

                  TWI: What is the real impact of this cut?

                  Berg: The change cuts future benefits and also restricts people from entering, or qualifying for, the program. This is the first time in the history of the program that recipients of the benefit will actually get less….”


                  Republicans in Congress didn’t pass this. A Republican in the White House didn’t sign it.

                  Are my wheels spinning?

                  1. John, I think in your zealousness to post a long response with links, you didn’t quite read my comment.

                    1. Emma,

                      ICYMI, I thought Ms. Burke did terrific work here.


                      It’s a great photo and frankly that’s the most important part in terms of shaping how the public will view her. It’s not that all the other stuff doesn’t matter, it does. She looks like business executive who could be Governor.

                      Without seeing the video it’s hard to know for sure, but the way the story’s written, she comes across really well. She’s not pandering to anyone, certainly not the unions, but she’s managing the topic, educating voters about 21st century business. The line about buying American is a nice straddle Scott Walker can’t do that. He’s got two-months with the Red Cross.

                      OT, I think there’s plenty of room for her team to consider asking questions like, “if Scott Walker thinks life begins at conception, why isn’t every miscarriage investigated as a possible homicide?

                      That would get national media traction and it goes right to the heart of the hypocrisy of the anti-choice movement. IMHO it would be a circular firing squad for the GOP. Half their base would want police questioning every woman who miscarries (or who someone else claims miscarried). The privacy issues would be immense. In terms of helping the pro-choice movement and feminism, I think it’s worth considering. IMHO, a lot of wing nuts, especially guys, who claim to be “pro-life,” would take another look at what that position entails.

                      If the GOP really thinks life begins at conception, every miscarriage requires a death certificate and a decent burial. State and local taxes would go through the roof if they tried that.

  5. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Just the world in which we live. $$$

  6. Mary Burke needs to get her money from somewhere, I just fail to see where the values of D.C. lobbyists and Wisconsin citizens align.

    1. The perception is that Burke has deep pockets. Trek money ya know. She coughed up something like $128k to “win” a seat on the Madison School Board. That’s about $100k more than any Madison school board candidate has ever spent.
      I don’t think she has Herb Kohl type money, but we’ll see.
      “Nobody’s Governor but yours.” ??

  7. A comment about Brand (from another site) that applies to my view of so many “Democrats,” who are defending Burke (even if she is the only major declared D gubernatorial candidate right now) but it applies to Democrats continually refusing to criticize our right-wing POTUS, his repression of government watchdogs, his drone murders, his bowing to petroleum interests, etc., and sitting back in the relative ease of complaining about the status quo but continuing to do nothing to change it.

    Someone [Brand in this case] with a platform points out the seriously flawed structures of the current system and the rectors of the left join hands with the moralists of the right to defend and perpetuate the status quo.
    Al Franken cheerleads for the NSA and defends the TPP while Elizabeth Warren quietly advances Monsanto’s goal of a world wide seed monopoly. But hey, keep sending those checks and “voting” for our side because winning the game is what’s important. Reality is just tangential.

    This describes PU, and the DPW, this was Barrett’s non-campaign recall despoiling, and this is politics with few authentic exceptions today. The so-called left did the purity nit-picking of OWS (they don’t have a platform, waaa, waaa…). Where is the money in DC originating from? Grass-roots neighbors or more likely from a famous street in NYC.

    1. If you didn’t catch it tonight, definitely go online for tonight’s Moyers and Company. First segment was about drones but then he switched to TPP for nearly the entire program.

  8. Admittedly, getting a bit farther afield from Burke, but, expectations of where feeding from the DC lobbyist trough likely gets us here in WI is this summary of the ACA by Zeese and Flowers, two well respected analysts and activists working for a truer reality of the public good than many, and pushing beyond the limits of the 1% pay here now window.

    This from truthout should be enough to read for awhile today.

    No War but Class War.

  9. It’s just getting easier and easier for Walker. The silly liberal hypocritical talking points are dropping like insurance plans in the ObamaCare age.

    1. Steve®

      Easier and easier for Walker to lie, his compulsive practice? I’d say it is getting harder and harder for Walker to remember the truth, anyway, about what he did or said, witness the discrepancies (lies) in Unintimidated.

      As you might wish to elaborate on your gross generalization in sentence one, you might also want to elaborate on what you consider to be silly or to be hypocritical or to be which actual talking points so that a sentence like your second one actually means anything to anyone.

      Just a friendly tip for more effective trolling.

      1. Again you have reading comprehension issues, not surprised, or shocked, or over use of comas. I can’t explain what already has been done in the original post above any better. The crazy left threw a tantrum about Walker raising money out of state and now you make excuses for it for dear ole Mary. Walker wins big time, get used to it.


    Dear Bill and Cindy,

    Thanks for the invite “…to hear from Mary…”, but rather than shell out $xxx and traveling 800 miles one way, I’d prefer she and I stay in Wisconsin rather than Washington D.C. “to hear from Mary” in a local, all inclusive meet and greet, as well as Wisconsin media revealing her competence, positions, and programs. After all, it is a state, not a national, election! Do you agree?

    Let’s spend these dollars on an election effort for Wisconsin needs such as a return to an updated LaFollette era, jobs, and restoration from the Walker “divide and conquer,” take no prisoners, scorched (sand mine) earth, school privatization, false promises, and a John Doe government of his incompetent administration.

    Does that sound too logical or local or liberal?

    Regretfully yours,

    Duane Dubey

    cc: Mike Tate(just kidding)

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