Scott Suder lands lobbying job to save Scott Walker from embarassment

How convenient that former Republican Rep. Scott Suder found a sweet lobbying job that will allow him to not join Gov. Scott Walker’s administration, saving Gov. Walker the trouble of having to explain why he’d give someone as ethically challenged (and that’s putting it mildly) as Suder a hefty raise to serve on Gov. Walker’s Public Service Commission (PSC).

The former Assembly majority leader who engineered a controversial and now-canceled $500,000 grant to a self-described sportsmen’s group has abruptly declined a job in Gov. Scott Walker’s administration.

Scott Suder, a Republican from Abbotsford, had accepted a job paying $94,000 a year — 88% more than his legislative salary — at the Public Service Commission as the state division administrator for Water Compliance and Consumer Affairs. But he turned it down before his first day to take a lobbying job at the Wisconsin Paper Council starting Monday, according to a resignation letter he sent Thursday to PSC chairman Phil Montgomery.

As Suder announced his “resignation” from the PSC, Republican State Rep. Jeff Stone announced he will kick the constituents who elected him into office to the curb so that he can take Suder’s spot in the PSC. Stone’s resignation from the legislature and appointment in the PSC will boost his state-funded pension thanks to a hefty pay increase, demonstrating once again that loyalty to Gov. Walker most definitely has its rewards.


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1 thought on “Scott Suder lands lobbying job to save Scott Walker from embarassment

  1. Walker shell game just raises more red flags and questions regarding United Sportmen of WI and the ever changing appointments at the PSC.

    How convenient for Suder. And poor, poor Andy Pantzlaff….. *sniffle*

    There’s something big brewing at the PSC. All eyes are on Stone now.

    They must REALLY want this scandal to go away. Keep the spotlight on them.

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