State Rep. Jon Richards to run for WI Attorney General in 2014

Earlier today Democratic State Rep. John Richards announced his candidacy for Wisconsin Attorney General in 2014.

Here’s a statement explaining his decision to run from Richards’ campaign website.

I’m running for Attorney General because I believe Wisconsin needs an experienced, independent leader who can set politics aside and focus on real priorities for our state’s citizens.

As your Attorney General, I bring the experience as an attorney and lawmaker with a history of team-building to tackle some of Wisconsin’s toughest issues. I will be tough on crime and ensure that local law enforcement can count on a reliable partner at the Department of Justice. We need to address head-on the scourge of violence in our cities and schools, the alarming increase in the rate of heroin abuse, the problem of domestic violence, the needless apathy about drunk driving, and the delays in justice in our court system.

I know we need to be a stronger partner with local authorities to improve our neighborhoods. That’s why in my role on the state finance committee I was the lead voice for fair pay for our state’s prosecutors and smarter investment in our criminal justice system. We need to give local law enforcement tough, smart tools to prevent crime. As Attorney General, I want to support programs like the successful drug courts operating around the state, which hold drug abusers accountable but addresses their addiction without filling up our jails – saving taxpayers money.

Wisconsin expects an open, transparent government to do the work of the people. Your Attorney General is your watchdog on this front. You can count on me to fight for every Wisconsin citizen’s right to vote, without unfair and discriminatory barriers. I have a long record of fighting for every woman’s right to control her own health care decisions. I have fought for civil rights and equality under the law, and I will restore the Department of Justice’s historic role in protecting consumers and preserving Wisconsin’s natural resources.

While I can’t say I know Rep. Richards well, from what I do know of him he’s been a workhorse in the Assembly, working hard behind the scenes while others have shared the limelight.

While he’s not likely to be the only Democrat running for Attorney General in 2014, he’s a candidate who certainly merits strong consideration.


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5 thoughts on “State Rep. Jon Richards to run for WI Attorney General in 2014

  1. This guy was my state rep when I lived in Milwaukee, and he has been excellent in calling out GOP BS on the Joint Finance Commmittee.

    After 8 years of D-B Van Hollen, we need someone who will return self-respect and rule of law to this office, and Richards would be great. This announcement fired me up a little today.

  2. Jon Richards already has something that Mary Burke doesn’t…a full-fledged campaign website! Burke’s website is still nothing more than a splash page at this time.

  3. Not sure how an incumbent legislator can campaign on setting aside politics.
    Only way a Dem takes this is as a former prosecutor. I think Matt Frank would make a much stronger candidate, and better AG, than Rep. Richards.
    As to the gratuitous Burke-bashing …

  4. Meh,
    Color me unimpressed.
    He spouts the ususal blather about violence, drugs and domestic abuse but fails to acknowledge the real problem in law enforcement, the unequal protection under the law most of us live under.
    Talk to me about prosecuting corruption in government. Talk to me about prosecuting the well-off and connected with the same vigor as a petty shop-lifter. Talk to me about prosecuting campaign donor violations, tax dodging and eliminating the unfair and unlawful advantage money and connections buys in our Justice system. Talk to me about real consequences for law breaking, not petty fines for felonious actions and I’ll listen to what he has to say.

    As the saying goes; a fish rots from the head and our rotten political / civic leadership is causing the whole society to rot as well.

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