Take a closer look at Tanya Bjork’s contributions

On Tuesday, Jeff Simpson from Cognitive Dissidence wrote an entry critical of Tanya Bjork, a longtime Wisconsin political operative who’s currently working for the campaign of Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mary Burke. At issue for Simpson is a donation Bjork made in 2012 of over $5,000 to the Wisconsin Hospital Assocation, a lobbying group that has a history of supporting predominantly Republican candidates through campaign contributions.

Nothing like having your “top political advisor” donate thousands of dollars to your opponent.

Remember Ladies and Gentlemen, money donated to Mary Burke will go to pay Tanya Bjork’s salary,/ which we see heads right back to the other side!

Give your money here, let’s make sure Tanya does not run low!

While Simpson does have a point, I think it’s important to note that a quick check of the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign’s Campaign Finance Database shows that Tanya Bjork has a nearly 20 year history of campaign contributions to Democratic candidates for elected office, as well as the State Senate Democratic Committee and the Assembly Democratic Campaign Committee. That record seems more indicative of Tanya Bjork’s political leanings, and I’m inclined to believe there’s another explanation for Bjork’s donation to the Wisconsin Hospital Association than Simpson’s assertion that she somehow supports Gov. Scott Walker.

After all, while Bjork’s donation to the Wisconsin Hospital Association is disconcerting, it appears that in 2008 Tanya Bjork was employed by the Wisconsin Hospital Assocation, so her donation to that group may be less about politics and more about a personal connection she had to that group or to individuals within that group.


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3 thoughts on “Take a closer look at Tanya Bjork’s contributions

  1. Give me a break. She’s worked at her husband’s Capitol Navigators lobbying shop for the last several years — and they advance rightwing, corporate, unprogressive causes.

  2. The hospital association does not walk in lock-step with the GOP. It certainly supported the expansion of medicaid dollars that Walker rejected.

  3. The Hospital Association has certainly given a lot of money to Democrats as well. It is not like WMC or the Realtors of late.

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