8 thoughts on “This Russell Brand interview is well worth watching (VIDEO)

  1. The point not regarded: “What would you do if you got your revolution?”

    We see what happened in Egypt, in Libya, in Iraq and will quite possibly again in Afghanistan: Chaos–population faction against faction.

    America struggled through a couple of centuries before the Nazi threat finally united us. In England, Roman Catholics waited three hundred years for the vote.

    Mayby not so much in England, but finding candidates and supporting them does still matter in this country…look at Today’s Tea Party with Paul Ryan; Look at Wisconsin’s past with politicians like Nelson and La Follette and judges like Edward Ryan. Wisconsin stands atop the nation in political influence because the people rally around her political leaders.

    Affirmed: we need to give Burke and her Democratic challenger, Vinehout the opportunity to reassess the Democratic Progressive force this state has been and will be again when we put a stop to Scott Walker’s backward “change history” policy and reinstitute this historically forward thinking state.

    1. From other readings about the subject of the interview, not totally my own ideas, Brand is educating a younger generation to the hypocrisies around them and giving them a language to help them describe what they intuitively understand they are facing in the world around them.

      ” Chaos–population faction against faction.”

      Aren’t we at this point in the US right now? Driven by the MSM (right down to our FAUX snooze WPR/NPR programing) supporting the protection of the 1% and continuing to, “sell,” us all down the river with unsustainable (and crashing) capitalism, divisive strategies of various sorts, misdirecting us to blame each other instead of on them, giving credence to crazies by having WI T-Partiers as guests on state programming, claiming balanced presentation of “facts.”

      Brand’s revolution is first that of changing a mindset, and I think, deliberately short of boots on the ground strategies, but he has an audience that is needing what he is offering in his thought.

      “What would you do if you got your revolution?”

      In many ways we are getting the revolution right now, but as was notably said (paraphrasing), it is not being televised. We acquiesced in too many ways already in the US to the PTB, by not calling them out at the time like Feingold (patriot act). I don’t think you have anything to fear from the revolutionaries, but you have plenty to fear from the protectors of the privileged. From a commenter at Firedoglake:

      A partial list of people who are armed, trained and licensed to kill revolutionaries (or even college kids).
      Armed Forces of the United States, all branches
      50 State militias
      State police of 50 states
      County and local police
      People at armories
      Homeland Security, both in D.C. and in every state
      Secret Service

      Witness the crackdown of OWS (Wall St and nation-wide) and the militarized Boston terror of officially undeclared martial law over a potential (truth still unknown, potential witnesses dead) false-flag operation sparking repression of the public and diminution of our human rights. Look no further than WI north and GTec’s private army for enforcing extraction, a solid sign of the times that will be the law of the land should the TPP or the TIPP be enacted.

      Weaning ourselves from the system might be the best course and decent advice for each of us.

      1. Patty Hearst bought a line like Brand’s and smelled the rank of yours as well, Windmill. And she actually put it on the line for a while. But when people started shooting back she got cold feet and went home to daddy.

        In England the populace pays little or no attention to Cameron and his pack of bullies while following Kate and William around from venue to venue. Let’s see if Brand can turn that pack, PJ. Not likely in my view.

        If the world is ever going to see justice and real democracy, America’s going to have to do the long, hard work. And capitalism is the only way we’re going to get into other countries with any degree of complicity or influence.

        1. You are totally ignoring what I wrote, totally missing the point of what I wrote OR, you’ll have to expand on what your personal definition of rich Patty’s motivation was back in the day, to make any sense.

          The part of your comment addressed to Windmill (I am assuming that is the deliberately dismissive, abusive and disrespectful nom de plume you have assigned to me, think is funny and insist of being a complete jerk in using it) is total gibberish.

          I won’t respond to the part of your keyboard vomit addressed to PJ, but, those millions of regular people (not their leadership) either displaced from their homes, or dead, or wallowing in the dust of our depleted uranium bombs, and with little food, water, shelter or infrastructure (save what little and inadequate non-profit capitalist donations arrive in relief), and are terrorized daily under the threat of POTUS triggered drone missiles, those who actually remain in the larger MENA, and now parts of central Africa, are really loving them some of our democracy and justice and the joys of capitalism. You betcha, hey! Tell me why capitalism needs to be shoved down their throats in terms other than those of our twisted and sick view of US exceptionalism or manifest destiny, an explanation of which, you have related in your last sentence.

          By inference one might guess you’re all in favor of the Republican legislation in WI, of tearing out the legal protections of the Bad River people and their lands so that we can get their compliance to bring in a little of that oh so necessary and sweet GTec capitalism and truth, justice and the American Way for you. It’s for their own good is what you seem to be implying.

  2. Bravo, Brand, however…. bigger picture UK political culture is probably worth a mention here. Watching Parliament theatrics is always pretty enjoyable for its traditional “civilized hostility” for lack of a better description, but really in ousting Gordon Brown the Cameron-Conservatives elevated contention to an extraordinary level of relentless viciousness. Their unyielding belligerence toward Gordon Brown was unconscionable, pitiable and painful to watch – not merely political posturing or electoral competition, but reducing him to a shell of a human being in much the way that Conservatives take the permanent attack position against Obama. I’m pretty sure American Conservatives took some well-learned lessons there. What that’s done to the political culture in the UK has taken its toll. Brand’s brand of “principled defeatism” (which I do agree with to some extent) is one consequence of bellicose deadlock within the political system.

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