Wal-Mart workers in Hialeah Florida walk off the job

More than 80 Wal-Mart workers walked off their jobs on Friday, October 18th, in Hialeah Fla., just outside of Fort Lauderdale. Though it’s not clear that the strike was directly connected to the Our Wal-Mart initiative that organized nationwide Black Friday strikes last year, it seems likely that workers in Hialeah have been emboldened by the increased media attention the Our Wal-Mart campaign has generated. You gotta love the energy and courage displayed by these workers!


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5 thoughts on “Wal-Mart workers in Hialeah Florida walk off the job

  1. Love their passion – Wal-Mart should really be thinking on why their workers have to strike for more hours. The rest of us should focus on getting representatives elected who will push single-payer and living wage legislation.

      1. Actually we need a Progressive in the Governor’s mansion and a Democratic majority in the legislature to effect change. No good in sending just one or the other.

  2. I get that we need Walker out, but with the assembly and senate in republican hands, will we really be able to exact any change at all? It just seems like the republicans wil control the legislature especially the assembly for many many years!

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