AG candidate Richards lays out priorities

From the Beloit Daily News:

“Our next battle for local law enforcement is to make sure we adequately staff district attorney’s offices. The office in Rock County is understaffed by several positions, and that’s something we are going to build a bipartisan team to address. (Rock County District Attorney) David O’Leary is working extraordinary hard,” Richard said.

As a legislator Richards said he fought to secure state funding for the first pay progression for prosecutors and public defenders in the past decade.

In Rock County, Richards said heroin use is a big problem because of the trafficking occurring in Chicago and Rockford and making its way to Wisconsin.

Richards went on to say the Attorney General’s Office has the resources to combat what he considers an epidemic. Not only is the highly addictive heroin habit costing addicts and their families $200 to $300 a day to support, but it causes a host of crimes for those desperate for money to pay for their addiction. Richards said he wants to ensure the people don’t have easy access to the prescription drugs such as Oxycodone that are gateway drugs to heroin, and he plans to ensure first responders have the necessary medications to treat those who overdose.

As Attorney General, Richards said he wants to support programs like successful drug courts, which hold drug abusers accountable and save taxpayers money.

In addition to fully staffing District Attorney offices and combating the state’s heroin epidemic, Richards also outlined his commitment to open and transparent government as well as efforts to continue to strengthen Wisconsin’s OWI laws.

Richards also cited his efforts as a legislator to require that mental health commitments be included in background checks for firearms purchases, as well as work he did to establish procedures to ensure domestic abusers relinquish their firearms when required to do so by law.


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11 thoughts on “AG candidate Richards lays out priorities

  1. richards will work and push walkers police state as his agenda shows. he should work on police murders etc. his omments show he is another dishonest da.Scott Walker remembers creating jobs as assemblyman in Wisconsin . It was easy with ALEC. 32000 UNION public sector jobs. It is not as easy this time with out using your tax dollars. Scott Walker has created ALL Wisconsin`s budget problems working for ALEC. In 1997 Walker and Prosser as state assemblymen championed for ALEC with truth in sentencing telling the legislatures it would not cost a dime it was to give judges not parole boards the control over sentencing. Then Walker filibustered to stop sentencing changes after the fact misleading ALL the legislatures. With out the sentencing changes Wisconsin`s prisons quadrupled over night. Most people sentenced to 2 years now had to serve as much as 6o years. As the Wisconsin Budget watch Blog shows . Stopping just a percentage of these long sentences Wisconsin would save 707 million per year. Wisconsin could have free tuition colleges. It shows Wisconsin has wasted 100 billion if you add the numbers to the state budget since 1997. Not including the building new or remodeling of 71 courthouses & 71 county jails & 441 police stations and dozens of prisons 28 billion plus interest. The total is over 28 BILLION plus the 60 Billion spent by social services to support prisoners families because the bread winner was a political prisoner as US Att gen Eric Holder explained. Then farming out prisoners in several states until the courts realized it was not allowed in the Wisconsin constitution. Wisconsin then hired 32000 union public sector workers to fill the jobs housing the prisoners from deputies , judges, district attorneys all owe Walker for creating there jobs. 32000 UNION PUBLIC SECTOR JOBS. This cost taxpayers over 3.8 billion or a half million per day to house these EXTRA prisoners per day in Milwaukee county alone. Wisconsin claims it has 24,000 prisoners compared to Minnesota`s 5500. Wisconsin`s corrections population is 104,000 with many in half way house and county jails and county prisons that are not counted. . In 1995 Milwakee county had less than 200 prisoners now it has thousands. Is Scott Walker moving Wisconsin forward ? This your reason for budget problems in Wisconsin. Big spender big government Scott Walker. Why does he not work for the people he is taking his check from the people ? Walker is a ALEC man. ALEC has no place in any democracy.
    Wisconsin Budget watch blog has a great article on this subject.

  2. if e was hnest he would be talking about jusice that van hollen has denied the people with a for profit just us system

  3. prioritys of todays district attorneys is conviction rates and personal advancement. it is obvious this guy has worked on personal advancement. how many children were hurt on the way ? honor truth and justice are a myth.

      1. I did not know he was not a DA.. I do know he talked about getting tuff on crime. That makes him bad for Wisconsin. first we must create a legitamate justice system. One withot immunity so when a judge or a district attorney violates the law to get a conviction rate they go to jail. Look at robert jambois acts in the micheal bell case. he should never see freedom again. That was the worst public coruption Wisconsin has and will see for a long time. His criminal act allowed 4 exectioners to walker free. This has made our streets very unsafe. it was all for his personal advacement. Russ Feingold said it sure would be the answer. Wisconsin could save 1/2 billion annually. The money spent on nonprofit scams in the justice systems added punishments to the already victimized defendent. Most defendents in Wisconsin are young children easy prey for police and the extortionist. Innocent or guilty is never a factor. the state must get something,

  4. This guy is talking getting tuff already. All people who get power working for the state let it go to their head. look at any police officer. This guy sounds like he wants to take ot more gations of our outh. scott walkers truth in sentncing has already ruined generations of many familys . District attorneys ALL have to seel there sole to the devil just like judges and police do. If not they would be whistle blowers.

    1. “All people who get power working for the state let it go to their head. look at any police officer.”

      Yeah, that’s not a sweeping generalization….not at all.

      Jerry, I’ve had enough of this; I truly have. Either stop or go away, because I’m not interested in what you’re peddling.

  5. studys and records show it happens to them ALL. Every member of the justice system even the janitors in the places get cruel. One study showed that just putting on the uniform everyone got violent. 100% It is sad but true human nature becaause we all know people in uniforms are violent. It must be hard when the prisoners are angry when 97% are innocent like in Wisconsin. Everyone who lives in Wisconsin knows there are no Honest members in todays just us system. truth in justice ended that. If this guy is already talking about advancing the criminal regimes not creating a just system long gone in wisconsin. Only a fool would think any different.
    The micheal bell case shows just how sick, dishonest and unjust wisconsin`s animals n the just us system will go. Murder, extortion, torture is nothing to them. Once the Iraq priso torture was revealed 1/2 the prisons in America started to riot. That is because the toure policies in Iraq to evil for the WORLD is policy n American and Wisconsin jails. like making them get naked. That happens in every arrest. Remember 20% of our youth now loose their virginity to police searches. It is not a gerneralization. There are NO HONEST members of any criminal justice regimes in Wisconsin. not One. they all have civil records miles long because they are immune from prosicution. Immunity has made them ALL SICK PUPPIES. I call them all republicans. agressive thugs harming generations of our youth for personal and agency gain. Nothing More. The justice myth is long gone. If I show you how each one is dishonest and dishonorable will you write a book and expose it ? You can not show me one HONEST member not one. Until the 97% extorted get a honest day in court we will have 97% innocent rate of convictions. liberty and justice for ALL not like in Koch`s russia.

    1. “Every member of the justice system even the janitors in the places get cruel.”

      Ah, okay. Thanks for letting me know that I’m a cruel, “sick puppy” who’s an “aggressive thug” and that I’m a Republican.

      You’re now done here.

  6. Just look how the republican groups shop for a judge then file a case so they get the outcome they want. Everytime a judge rules and they do not like the ruling they shop. How many judges have no said the abortion law is legal . then the next says no. Then the next says yes. It has had three rulings counterdicting each other. What happened to ruling on the letter of the law ? Not in wisconsin in decades. the constitution never allowed putting prisoners in private prisons and everyone new it. The federal courts years latter forced the state to return the prisoners. Now the constitution says NO SECTARIAN SCHOOLS. walker and all the state is allowing this to happen with vouchers. In a few years having to leave Wisconsin to find a HONEST judge to end this criminal act. These are both walker crimes against the people. If we had one HONEST JUDGE or DA the voucher system would end today. When Robert Jambois obstructed justice in the DA Kratz case of sexual abuse not one DA in wisconsinwas honest enough to do the right thing. Not One. They take an OATH to protect the people from all predators not just some. They are ALL Criminals in Wisconsin`s 500 plus criminal regimes call justice systems.

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