Breaking: Is Bill Williams a wanted man?

Posted just this morning on the Facebook page of Citizens Concerned about the proposed Penokee mine is a potentially game changing article from a Spanish publication,, suggesting that Gogebic Taconite president Bill Williams may be wanted in Spain for crimes against the environment and damage to public property. Here’s the Google translation directly from the Facebook page:

The seventh Section of the Audiencia Provincial de Sevilla has dismissed the appeal filed by three executives of the mining company Cobre Las Cruces, charged with a crime against the environment and other damage to public property for the alleged illegal construction of rafts with contaminated water, groundwater drawdown illegal and contamination with arsenic-Posadas aquifer Gerena (Sevilla), reserved for human consumption.

This court affirmed, in an order dated November 8, imputation of François Fleury, Bill Williams and Peace Cosmen, at the request of the Prosecutor for the Environment and Ecologists in Action, as the NGO said Monday.

In this car, the Audiencia Provincial de Sevilla validates the valuations provided by the prosecution, concluding that “the alarm about high levels of arsenic have begun just after the operation,” and that “the aquifer is used for irrigation and times of drought is intended even for human consumption. “

It also considers that the Court of Instruction No. 19 Sevilla follows that the Guadalquivir River Basin detected in 2008 “arsenic concentrations much higher” than those established in Royal Decree 140/2003 laying down health criteria are established quality of water for human consumption.

Ecologists in Action in 2008 reported the incident to the Office of Environment by “ecological attack that was occurring, with serious risk of crop contamination and the health of the people.” The prosecution submitted their complaint calling for the immediate cessation of drainage and Reinjection System (RDS) groundwater applied by Cobre Las Cruces.

The environmental organization said the Canadian François Fleury was ousted as CEO of Cobre Las Cruces in 2010, the U.S. Bill Williams left the management of the mine in January 2011 and Peace Cosmen remains responsible for environment and attorney for the company. “We demand that appropriate for the accused Williams Fleury and do not escape the action of the measures taken Justice Spanish, “he said.

Anyone know how to get in touch with Dog the Bounty Hunter?


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7 thoughts on “Breaking: Is Bill Williams a wanted man?

    1. By now, anybody who see this as a jobs issue is simply brainwashed, incapable of logic. Governor Walker has put this project on the front burner as his only jobs initiative. You have forgotten that he turned down $800 million dollars for the building of railroad infrastructure, which would have created a thousand jobs, if you ever even knew about it at all. You just refuse to believe that, even if this atrocity was created, there would be only a handful of jobs going to locals. Most jobs would go to laid off miners who are already trained. You are also, I’m sure, totally unaware of the new technology used to automate these mines. Trucks now drive themselves, and most of the semi-skilled jobs are just that…truck drivers. Blasting is also now automated. Meanwhile, you are also ignorant of the fact that the Bad River Chippewa Tribe is already the largest employer in the area. Wake up!

    2. 1000 jobs?! lol where do you guys make this stuff up from? Taking 800 million for a car speed train no one would ride was never a good idea. It was a one time amount of money and would leave the state further in debt down the road paying for the stupid thing. You had like 84 full time employees running the operations after construction. Borrowed federal money isn’t new growth, it’s just passing the buck keeping the country on welfare.

      No kidding minors from other areas would get the jobs. We haven’t had mining like this here forever so we have no one qualified. This mine will create thousand of jobs from the actual operations to logistics to suppliers to schools to gas stations hotels store etc.

      It’s private out of state money flooding the state. oh the horror.

      What are you talking about trucks driving themselves? LOL MESHA would have a hissy fit over that in an open pit iron mine.

      You’re talking bs to the wrong guy. I have extensive iron ore mining experience and spent time up in the pits around Virgina Minnesota.

      Trains use lots of taconite, but those are good right?

    1. I heard he personally dumped Arsenic in the groundwater. Presidents of companies do that kind of stuff while making the evil Mr Burns finger clinch and laugh.

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