Burke campaign hires Obama campaign vets

I have to admit….Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mary Burke is certainly putting together an all-star team of campaign operatives.

Mary Burke has never run for statewide office, but her deep pockets have allowed her to bring in a veteran team of handlers who have worked on some of the biggest political races in the country.

In putting together the team so quickly, Burke is signaling her ability to run a lengthy campaign to oust Gov. Scott Walker in 2014.

She’s also making it more difficult for another Democrat to jump into the race, although state Sen. Kathleen Vinehout of Alma has considered waging a grassroots primary battle.

Jim Margolis, who handled advertising for President Barack Obama’s two national campaigns, has signed on as Burke’s media strategist.

Diane Feldman, who polled for Tammy Baldwin’s successful U.S. Senate campaign in 2012 and Gwen Moore’s 2004 race for Congress, will be Burke’s pollster.

Pete Giangreco, who was the lead of direct mail for Obama’s first Democratic presidential primary campaign as well as Baldwin’s 2012 campaign, will run Burke’s direct mail operation.


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10 thoughts on “Burke campaign hires Obama campaign vets

    1. What pants?

      Both Walker’s pants and underwear have long been burned beyond repair. He has been down to an asbestos, fire proof jock strap for years. 😉

  1. Do you think the new team agrees with the no-policy-on-the-website approach? If I were a candidate, I’d be embarrassed to admit that I was still working on policy after I announced that I was running, after months of consideration. Does all the policy have to be poll tested first or something?

  2. Burke is the new Barrett. With Scott Walker’s team shooting themselves in the foot over and over, he is really vulnerable. Let’s get somebody in there with some real ideas…Kathleen Vinehout.

  3. To be a winning staffer it sure helps when Obama is the candidate! In a democratic primary a candidate without the most money or establishment staff can win as long as that candidate is good on the issues.

    1. AJ- Exactly. You need the MESSAGE first, and if you don’t have it, I don’t care who runs your campaign. This is especially true with Wisconsin Dems, who don’t have AM620 and AM1130 serving as their communications agency. And after seeing her performance on Maddow and other shows, I think she should be spending a lot more time on the message part, instead of dealing with the insiders and big-money folks.

      Sen. Vinehout, GET IN NOW before more of these orgs make premature endorsements they may regret.

  4. Jake formerly of the LP, the high dollar donors are just not reflective what so ever of the average voter in terms of the issues. Money does not buy sound policy issues and good messaging. The other aspect, and this is not just Wisconsin Dems, but at the national level, is the money democrats do have is not being spent in an efficient manor. Tv and Radio ads are just simply being skipped by a wide swath of the population. The voter database is not being used the way Howard Dean intended when he was chair, where it would be built stronger upon each election cycle, instead of starting from scratch every campaign. If democrats can better identify and communicate with core supporters, turnout will go up and democrats will win more elections.

  5. The announcement is good information to have, thanks for the diary, Zach. These ex-Obombem people failed to sucker me into voting for our present liar and fascist-in-chief. My choice for Tammy over slurrranotherword, maybeIhadasippttoomannyyy, Tommy didn’t take any brand-name campaign staffer to convince me of who was the better choice.

    Is this a mere pretense of force? Names on retainer for appearances sake, or is actual work going to be performed? Anyone here do anything with direct mail other than shred it immediately and add it to the worm composting bin? Anyone here who did not reflexively tune out broadcast political advertising after about the second commercial from either side?

    Big names I had never heard of previously and are they claiming to be the force behind the right-wing trojan horse Obomber coup when they had an already brain-dead uncritical vast trove of obots under the magical spell of the world’s emptiest suit already? How much effort did that amount to when the right and left candidates of the 1% plutocracy were nearly twins on ultimate national policy goals?

    I guess we’ll all get to see and hear, soon enough.

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