Drinking Liberally MKE – December meeting announcement

From my email inbox:

Are you ready for a winter wonderland? Look no further than the wonder of Transfer Pizzeria and their fabulous list of wonderous beers! We’ve got a real present for you, as well. Two visitors, Marina Dimitrijevic? and Jonathan Brostoff? will be joining us to talk about their foray into state assembly politics.

This is one of those times I’m thankful that Drinking Liberally? does not endorse candidates–as I consider both of them to be wonderful friends and good people. For once, we will not be asked to choose a lesser of two evils, but the greater of two goods. 🙂

Speaking of greats–I’m looking towards having a great time with all of you. The November Gathering was a great success with Claire Zautke for Milwaukee Schools?–and she brought the kind of energy to the room that we’d like to see every month. (So hopefully she’ll come back to hang out with us). And announcing another great–Kathleen Vinehout has just confirmed she will be joining us in January! More announcements soon!

See you all for the one holiday of the month everyone can agree on–Drinking Liberally! As always, it’s the third Monday of the month (DEC 16) at 7pm.

I have it on good authority that Wisconsin Attorney General candidate Ismael Ozanne will also be in attendance at December’s meeting, so it promises to be a meeting chock-full of great speakers!


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