Nothing good happens after midnight….and last night is a perfect example

This is absolutely shameful…

In a late-night session that stretched from Thursday into Friday, Republicans in the state Assembly approved measures to reinstate Wisconsin’s voter ID law, tighten early voting hours, limit the ability to recall elected officials, create anti-abortion license plates and restrict access to the site of a proposed iron mine in the North Woods.

They also took a first step toward amending the state constitution to require members of the state Supreme Court to choose the chief justice, rather than having that post automatically go to the most senior justice.

Just remember folks….according to Gov. Walker “Nothing good happens after midnight,” and what Republicans in the legislature did last night is a perfect example.


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9 thoughts on “Nothing good happens after midnight….and last night is a perfect example

  1. Vos and his crew are pouring poison down the well of democracy.

    (metaphor stolen from Bill Moyers)

  2. Holiday Homework,

    Call your nearest State Senator or Rep (especially those of you under coRpoRate sell-outs) today to make an appointment to see them in your home district and let them know your feelings.

  3. What about license plates saying “Indian treaties trump state law”? How about a state constitutional amendment requiring paper ballots that are counted by public committees? Why not automatically register every state citizen to vote on their 18th birthday? As long as we elect state supreme court justices, why don’t we elect the chief justice? Wouldn’t it make sense to hold elections on the weekend? Why not take a vote to see if we the citizens want to change the recall rules? Inquiring minds need to know!

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