Possible Prosser campaign finance shenanigans revealed?

Over at Cognitive Dissidence, capper has an interesting report on possible campaign finance shenanigans (and by shenanigans I mean illegal coordination) by the reelection campaign of Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice David Prosser.

In this one paragraph, along with the poor grammar, Behling is saying that he worked with the third party groups to help the Prosser campaign using “very creative” ways to get around campaign laws. He also laments that it wasn’t as easy as helping Walker’s campaign because WISGOP wasn’t there to help the campaign.

Again, just to drive the point home, that’s an admission of collaboration between Prosser’s campaign and the third party, dark money groups. It is also an admission of collaboration between Walker’s campaign, the third party groups and WISGOP.

I should also not that attached to Behling’s email was a copy of a letter from Prosser to Behling, thanking him for his work as Prosser’s Waukesha County Coordinator. Not top of the food chain in a campaign, but not the bottom either.

The rest of capper’s report is worth a read.


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3 thoughts on “Possible Prosser campaign finance shenanigans revealed?

  1. It is not enough to be burdened with the worst governor in Wisconsin history, but we are also burdened with the worst state Justice at the same time known for his “chokehold” and described as a “workplace safety hazard” for female judges.


    Indeed, have not Wisconsin citizens long suffered under Walker and Prosser much like the biblical Job endured multiple calamities with their physical and mental pain?

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