Push Paul Ryan Out And Kaleka In

From my email this evening, Amardeep Kaleka is running for the seat of Representative Paul Ryan:

I just wanted to update you on the big news!

It’s official. I’m going to go after Paul Ryan’s seat in Congress for Wisconsin District 1.

Last week – I set out to gauge the interest in my running against Paul Ryan.

I launched a crowd-fund campaign to raise the $5,000 needed as a tipping point to being considered a candidate. Apparently, I was the first Congressional candidate to ever do this type of “crowd funding”.

Within 24 hours of going public, we met the goal – with most people just giving $20 at a time.

And people were in love with the first video – which we did for $0.

Here it is:


From the ground up. That’s the key. That’s the anthem.

I’m dedicated to running this campaign as a “democratic campaign” should be run. One never before seen.

In fact – next week I’m going to announce my plans for what I call the Congressional Transparency Protocol Index (CTPi). Basically, I’m working with my good friends in Silicon Valley and the Midwest to develop a simple system that holds Congressman transparently accountable. Hopefully, this will be headquartered in Wisconsin-D1.

I would be the first Congressional member to summarize each bill up for vote and send it via email to a strong sample of 2000 community leaders that represent the demographic makeup of the region. They will return their vote, and I would use it as an influencer on my vote. If I vote with the polling average, then my CTPi goes up. If not, then it goes down — like a batting average. In a very short time, you will know if I’m batting .750 or .200 on congressional bills.

This simple step has NEVER been done before. Simply put: I ask the people. They answer. I listen.

In the future, I will scale this program up to account for all 435 house members.

This is just one way I want to clean House in DC.

The crowdfunding site may have reached the tipping point, but I would be honored and humbled if you would help me drum up more support on that website. If I can show the Goliaths out there that this David can raise significant funds without going to special interests… they’ll be running scared because they’ll know for a fact that the people are behind me.

Then, when they mud sling at me about Aliens and 9/11, then you will know why.

If you’re in to bring back a better version of representation in DC, then go to

go to www.votekaleka.org

We have a chance to make history not only in Wisconsin, but in the United States of America.

Join us.

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Our mailing address is:

Neverending Light Productions LLC

PO Box 320064
Franklin, WI 53132

Just a couple of little notes…this was mentioned a week or so ago…the indicia at the end should really say something to the affect of “authorized and paid for by (insert campaign here), John Smith, Treasurer.

And the mailing address is a business??? At least it’s an improvement over the CALIFORNIA address that was on his website earlier.


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3 thoughts on “Push Paul Ryan Out And Kaleka In

  1. Building creatively, not bickering relentlessly. a refreshing post on BB. Can’t wait to see how this develops.

  2. I looked at his webpage and there’s nothing regarding CPTI on it. He needs to get the info he sent in his email to you on his page pronto.

  3. Would like to see a little more light and business colors in his photo too. Looks too ‘mafioso”. Put on a navy suit, blue shirt and red tie. Love the CPTI idea. It might make DC foul their pants but it could bring representation back to the people.

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