Rand Paul the serial plagiarist

Looks like Sen. Rand Paul, the hero of tea party types, has been exposed as a serial plagiarist.

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) was busted in what may have been another incident of plagiarism on Monday.

As first reported by BuzzFeed, there are unmistakable similarities between an opinion piece Paul wrote for The Washington Times on drug sentencing in September, and an article written by Dan Stewart of The Week a week earlier.

BuzzFeed highlighted two excerpts from Stewart’s piece — an introduction to mandatory minimum sentences for drug offenses and the story of a man affected by them — from which Paul appears to have borrowed heavily.


Paul has been accused of plagiarism before. He has recently been accused of using text from Wikipedia entries in a speech on immigration, and another in support of Virginia gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli.

Paul has defended himself against the earlier charges, accusing “the haters” of “making a mountain out of a molehill” over partisanship, and saying he’d challenge accusers to a duel “if dueling were legal in Kentucky.”

In response to revelations that Sen. Paul is a serial plagiarist, the Washington Times announced they are ending his weekly column, with Times Editor John Solomon writing, “We expect our columnists to submit original work and to properly attribute material.”


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