SNAP benefit cuts to affect 1 in 7 Wisconsinites

This is worth a read.

More than one in seven Wisconsinites — including 379,000 children and 164,000 seniors — will see their monthly food stamp benefits fall in November as provisions from a 2009 economic stimulus law phase out.

Overall, families in the state will receive about $89 million less over the next year through the FoodShare Wisconsin program, according to a report by the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities. As a result, the program’s cost to federal taxpayers in this state and the rest of the country will fall by a similar amount.

A further cut could be possible as Congress deliberates on the next federal Farm Bill and ways to decrease the growing federal debt.

According to a report by the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, a household of three (for example a mother with two children) will lose $29 a month — or a total of $319 per year. That represents a nearly twenty percent cut in good stamps.

For anyone who thinks these cuts aren’t severe, here’s some video of Democratic Rep. Pete DeFazio of Oregon trying to shop on the average weekly SNAP allowance.


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7 thoughts on “SNAP benefit cuts to affect 1 in 7 Wisconsinites

  1. David Dayen Tweet:

    The house vote for a FLOTUS bill that caused present reduction in SNAP benefits, 247 D ayes.

    Thanks for this post Zachary. It appears concern over defending Burke is greater than concern for defending or discussing the right to food for our state and nation’s most unfortunate today. How much more hypocritical can our leaders be about our nation’s overall health when providing our citizens with adequate nutrition would seem to the one sensible place to begin with preventative measures for best outcomes in healthcare.

  2. Add this to the fact that low wage working families in Walker’s Wisconsin are now paying more for health insurance, more in taxes, more for child care, enduring tighter restrictions on unemployment benefits, tighter restrictions for single people on the Food Share program, and then contrast that with Mary Burke’s recent statement that if people were willing to pay more for American made products then Trek and other corporations wouldn’t have to ship jobs overseas. I guess it’s no wonder that she’s the favored candidate of the establishment Dems.

    1. Every day, low prices don’t just drive manufacturers overseas but also drive down American wages. Burke’s remarks reflect American consumer behavior which is culpable in the demise of US manufacturing. It’s irresponsible to claim those remarks in any way may be applied towards SNAP recipients. They’re unlikely to be the target audience for the Trek brand.

      1. Stop blaming consumers for paying lower costs when it’s all they can afford, Emma. And the reason it’s all the can afford is because of the fraud of “free trade” which encourages outsourcing, lowers wages, and helps no one except for CEOs and stockholders.

        I get why Trek felt they had to do it, but the fault lies in the politicians of both parties that made it an advantage for them to outsource in the first place. Tammy Baldwin and Russ Feingold both knew that, and won elections with a strong policy on this issue. No real Dem should support those crappy trade policies, which lower wages so much that far too many working people end up on SNAP benefits….which now just got cut.

        And people like Emma are cool with that downward cycle continuing. I’m not.

        1. Americans voted in wave after wave of ardent pro-free traders to Congress and the Presidency. They have not punished them at the ballot box but Wisconsin did send home it’s anti-free trader and honorable Senator. Baldwin will support TPP of course proving once again the emptiness of campaign promises. A critical mass of affluent and moderately affluent consumers could make a difference here yet choose not to do so in the marketplace nor elections. Issues of free trade may be all the rage to discuss on the left, they won’t make one iota of difference to who the next governor of Wisconsin is except to give Walker another card to play.

          1. If you think Ron Johnson’s win in 2010 had one iota to do with his support of “creative destruction,” you are class A clueless (even more clueless than (mo)Ron himself). Don’t think real progressives haven’t made the connection between the free-trade BS of the last 20 years, and the drop in real wages for many people, and the increased need for people to go on SNAP.

            You really gotta put down that DNC handbook, Emma. Maybe when you get off of bed-rest you can get outside and find a clue on what Wisconsinites really vote for. I’m starting to think you don’t even live here (especially given how you admitted you worked “under Republicans” for most of your career). Can we get an IP check on this person?

  3. 1 in 7. Wow. What a welfare state Obama has built. This county is so far in debt thanks to liberal policies $29 for these leaches isn’t enough of a cut. As a producer I ask the liberals that do not support these run downs of a failed stimulus to open their own wallets to the IRS or WDR. Put your money where your mouth is.

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