Abele donates $10,000 to Fair Wisconsin

According to a report by the Wisconsin Gazette, Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele gave $10,000 this week to Fair Wisconsin, an advocacy group for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender residents. According to the report by the Gazette, Abele has given Fair Wisconsin more than $185,000 this year.

While Abele’s support for groups like Fair Wisconsin is absolutely a great thing, I wish he’d show more support for all the hardworking employees of Milwaukee County, many of whom have found themselves struggling mightily to make ends meet since the implementation of Act 10 and its adoption by Abele.


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3 thoughts on “Abele donates $10,000 to Fair Wisconsin

  1. I do not live in Milwaukee County, but what I gather is that we do have a split in priorities among-st the elites and the peripheral Democrats in the State. Unless Democrats take back the legislature in Wisconsin Gay Marriage is going nowhere. If the Federal Courts overturn the Wisconsin constitution then Gay Marriage is not really an electoral issue.

    In the 1960’s when progressives were aiming for civil rights, progressives at the same time supported Medicare, Medicaid, Aid to Education, and abolition of Poverty. We really do need to support the hardworking public employees and the Democratic Party needs to connect that support to the hardworking people in private industry.

    1. Agreed.

      While I’m glad Abele is so progressive on social issues, his lack of support for collective bargaining for public employees is a big disappointment. I understand that he’s trying to be fiscally responsible as County Executive, but I don’t believe that collective bargaining/treating public employees with respect and fiscal responsibility are mutually exclusive.

  2. Thanks Zach. Two of the most powerful guys in the state didn’t graduate from college. One inherited money, the other married it.

    The elites will give on LGBT and choice, but what they really fear is collective bargaining. They know that’s the only real tool the 99% have.

    “…On matters of direct interest to the oligarchy, they win. You can have your silly laws about marriage or abortion as long as they get their way on money. It’s a lousy bargain, and it doesn’t have to be that way.”


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