Dan Sebring: citizens can do better job of public safety than law enforcement

Says Republican Congressional candidate Dan Sebring, who’s gearing up to get drubbed at the polls again in 2014:

We The People can do a far better job of both personal protection and public safety than any organized law enforcement.

Putting aside the fact that open carry/concealed carry lawsdon’t necessarily produce lower crime rates, I can cite bunches of incidents that completely undermine Sebring’s argument.

For example, there’s THIS, THIS, THIS, and THIS, and I could go on and on with examples to refute Sebring’s argument that “We The People” can do a better job of personal protection and public safety than organized law enforcement.

What’s more, Sebring’s contention that citizens with little (if any) training can do a better job of public safety than highly trained, skilled law enforcement officers is an absolute slap in the face to those officers.


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4 thoughts on “Dan Sebring: citizens can do better job of public safety than law enforcement

  1. Thanks.

    If Dan thinks it’s so easy, would like to see him stand in the middle of an intersection, when the traffic lights fail, and direct rush-hour traffic in four directions.

  2. You may want to look at the preliminary analysis of WI’s first year of concealed carry and crime in Political Heat. It lacks the raw data and a one year sample can be misleading but is well worth reading.

  3. I have personally witnessed Dan Sebring break traffic laws near his home on 60th street. Perhaps he should give himself a ticket for even doing illegal u-turns? I recorded him once…Maybe I should find it and release it. Then, just maybe, the Sebring Police Force will give him a ticket. He is a disgusting man with those nasty comments. This is about the most unappreciative attitude towards those who risk their lives for the general well-being of the public. He ought to apologize to law enforcement officials. A year ago, today, Wauatosa Police Officer, Jennifer Sebena was shot to death by her nutcase husband while on duty. Mr. Sebring’s comments bring absolute disrespect to people like Sebena. It’s good to know that Rep. Moore doesn’t think stupid like Sebring.

  4. I do not agree that citizen should police. I do know the justice system is so corrupt there is no fix it. A honest judge DA or cop is a myth. They are all in it for the MONEY. Truth Honor liberty and justice for all have not exited since truth in sentencing for profit justice was created in Wisconsin. Now s we know most Wisconsin circuit court judges are world wide travelers. Frequent fliers.

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