Kathleen Vinehout: Thank You

From my email inbox:

Thank you so much for the hundreds of cards, letters, and get well notes you’ve sent. I am truly humbled by the outpouring of concern, thoughts, prayers, and expressions of kindness and support.

I’m very grateful for my talented surgical team who spent 8 hours putting my shattered bones back together with plates and pins. The swelling is coming down and the pain is manageable. I’ve been blessed by many offers to help while my body is healing. I’ll be reviewing all the information folks have relayed about active groups & grassroots organizations over the next few weeks. Thank you, each one of you, so much.

Please know I have felt your love and support and I am returning that love to you!

Wishing you a Joy Filled Holiday…


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11 thoughts on “Kathleen Vinehout: Thank You

  1. Senator Vinehout’s undaunted outlook in the midst of this setback reminds me of Sir Winston Churchill’s famous words in the darkest day days of England during WW II in which he called upon the English people, “We shall fight them on the beaches and we shall never surrender…” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZzZZyJEiUgw

    I pray Senator Vinehout a speedy recovery and that she resume her campaign to fight Walker on the beaches or wherever in union with the Wisconsin grass roots and “shall never surrender.”

  2. I simply cannot improve on what Duane12 said. It rings true to how I feel as well. Kathleen, you are fully immersed in a teaching moment, showing us how handling adversity with class is done. I believe in you. Rest assured that I and, I am sure, many more of us to whom Duane’s words strike a resonant chord will all be ready to do whatever is required. We are your team. Be well. — jim

  3. The idiot Elbow again puts out the worthless tidbit about Kathleen running a distant third in the recall. After the DNC stuck Barrett in the race to engineer a win for Walker, there is no significance in a new race with what happened previously. Lazy thought journalism.

    Where did Burke place in the recall? Didn’t fall on her ass, snowboarding or flip over on a bicycle? That would have as much significance as Vinehout’s recall finish in a primary, this time around, unless Elbow is trying to paint a favorite in his piece, which is the appearance I read.

    1. Wait, so you are claiming that the DNC had Barrett run so Walker would win the recall election? Are you insane? What are you smoking?

    2. “Lazy thought Journalism.”

      Hey, NQ, bad publicity is better than no publicity.

      As regards the GOP prognosticators,they may contribute to lowering the conservative vote since they predict Governor “pants on fire” is a sure winner and, in addition, may boost the grass roots’ turnout.

      Online and opinion print publicity is FREE and helps Senator Vinehout to defeat what’s her name in the primary.

      Bring ’em on!

      1. I like your attitude and I intend to ignore GOTP prognosticators (when I am not arguing with them on some thread or another).

  4. Get well soon, Kathleen and get back on the campaign trail. We need your voice in 2014 more than ever. If Dems get their ideas out over the RW noise machine, they win, and there’s no better way to do so than to have a positive debate for Governor and other races in the August primary.

    I also don’t get where nonQuixote is going. The DNC may be lame, corporate, and somewhat clueless to what works with casual voters in Wisconsin, but they certainly didn’t want Walker to stay in power.

  5. Stan and Jake,

    Thanks for catching on and responding to what I’ve been attempting to get at in so many of my comments. National D and national R leadership are one and the same. Who controls both parties? Money. Who is serving big money? Both sides of the 1% party, good cop, bad copping their way into providing austerity for the rest of us. …$40B cut to SNAP, no, no, no, too much, we stand with the needy, only $6B for now….$5B two months ago…see you greedy R’s (that’ll be $11B right off the bat) we really care.

    J freaking C after christmas guys, what might have happened with only three candidates running in the primary? The late entry of hold your nose and vote for the status quo, Barret, discouraged how many recall people whom had been working their asses off prior to Barrett, (newly elected with a job, win or lose the guber primary, announced almost simultaneously after Rahm came to speak at a Barrett, $2500 a plate, fundraiser).

    This discouraged how many people who were already on the recall fence, of having just a little too, too much of primary and recall phone banking, money raising, all of it tipping the balance into the the Walker win column, without being too obvious.

    Need I point out the ‘D,’ led, “populist,” education “reform,” in Chicago, (I’m being snarky for those who don’t understand the quotation marks on those last two key words) with walkin’ shoes Barry’s buddy Duncan and his old chief of staff, all yanking harder than a Republican controlled WI legislature on charter school bootstraps? Do you see any difference between those two groups just mentioned, in regard to schools, unions, teachers or education and ultimately our children, the students?

    A populist recall movement might have had a small victory and it might have accelerated similar movements in other states, inspiration that, who would you guess, might be ultimately opposed to? (Hint: Money?)

    So thanks for the opportunity to state again what I have been stating in so many of my comments here forever (I think I tried searching the site by screen name once with no result, or I’d recommend you try it, to see).

    No War But Class War

    1. Having said all that in regard to the PAST recall, I see a Democratic primary in the upcoming gubernatorial race as an absolute must happen. The national party has made their choice, let us hope we have the option of a people’s choice and not just the Party’s choice.

      DNC chair, Debbie Wasserman Schultz came out about a week after Burke announced saying the DNC hoped there would not be a primary in the WI gubernatorial.
      I mentioned this at the time, in a previous comment. Tell me from where and from whom, Tate likely gets a lot of advice from.

  6. Here is recent news on Senator Vinehout’s “right to life” position:


    As a Catholic, I only believe in abortions for medical reasons, but I have no problem with people who are “pro choice.” They have that “right” under the freedom clauses in the Constitution and in accordance with the tenets, doctrine, or beliefs of their faith.

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