Mary Burke Launches Official Campaign Site

From my email inbox come’s the announcement that gubernatorial candidate Mary Burke launched her official website yesterday. So for those of us who thought her initial website was low on content…here’s a chance to bench test her campaign:


As one of our core supporters, I wanted you to be among the first to know about the launch of our full campaign website today. This new website gives you the chance to learn more about Mary, get the latest news and get involved in the campaign. Check it out:

BurkeAll of us on Team Burke know Mary has what it takes to be an incredible governor, and our new website will be a critical tool for spreading her message statewide.

Wisconsin needs Mary’s real-world business experience and leadership skills to bring us together to put our state on a positive path.

I hope you’ll take a minute to check out our new campaign website – and share it with your friends!
Thanks for being on Team Burke.

Maggie Brickerman


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10 thoughts on “Mary Burke Launches Official Campaign Site

  1. Not much new. Doesn’t even say what her age is although it’s not hard to figure out I guess. Is she ashamed of her age? Sums up this way: a rich former business woman who wants to be Governor. I am sorry but government should not be run like a business. Two years as Commerce Sec. qualifies her to be Governor?
    If the shoe was on the other foot and this was a Republican primary, there would be several people seeking the nomination. Why is Mary Burke the only person running. The obvious answer is she’s rich and has scared off potential challengers. There have to be better qualified Democrats in the state to run against Walker. Why aren’t they stepping forward? Do they think Walker is unbeatable? What the heck is going on with the Democrats in Wisconsin!

    1. Now for something at least twice as enlightening those less than brilliant or insightful punctuation free three words from ®Steve®.

  2. The hundreds of issues facing our state and you are worried about how old the candidate is?

    She is far more qualified to be governor than the incumbent…

  3. The website has a pretty good layout. Her website would be better if we can know more about her positions on supporting tax cuts to ordinary Wisconsinites, Fiscal Responsibility in relation to Wisconsin’s cost of having a high incarceration rate, Individual Freedom in regards to the 2nd Amendment & possession of Marijuana.

  4. Someone needs to point out to Burke she is not running for the WGOP nomination. I want plans, and firm stances on the issues. Not a bunch of pandering, non-commital answers to where she stands on the issues. I would think someone who decided to run for Governor would have some ideas about how they would govern. Her campaign, so far, is scarily similiar to that of Abele in MKE.

    Frankly, any candidate that is not apalled by just about everything Walker has done to our State is not acceptable to me.

  5. So – reading her positions on education and collective bargaining, I feel like all my previous critiques remain valid. Opposing expanded vouchers isn’t good enough. Oppose vouchers, not just expanding vouchers. The poor kids in Milwaukee and Racine are being horribly under served by the voucher program. The experiment has failed, that statistics are clear. Have the integrity to say so and really protect children.

    As for bargaining, that entry pisses me off as much or more. Burke buys into the toxic and dishonest attack on the benefits of unionized workers. Pension and health insurance were not too generous. Pension and health insurance benefits were part of an overall compensation package that still saw public employees making less in overall compensation than private sector workers with the same background in terms of experience and education. Claiming your robbery would be executed in a kinder, gentler process doesn’t change you still support robbing me.

  6. If a Dem was the incumbent, and the GOP brought out a “Mary Burke” type candidate to challenge, we would be laughing and saying how ridiculous this is.

    She can’t take a hard line stance on anything.

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