Milwaukee County cuts electricity use in 2013

From my email inbox:

Milwaukee County’s “Kill-a-Watt” Challenge to save money and cut electricity wrapped up a successful 2013. The County’s overall electricity use from May-October 2013 was 2.7% less than the same period in 2012. This 2.7% reduction beat our goal of a 2% cut.

“This program is another great example how even small changes in government can have big impacts,” Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele said. “By cutting our electricity use we saved money and helped the environment.”

The Milwaukee County Office of Sustainability estimates that the County used 1,506 megawatt-hours less electricity than last year, a savings of approximately $128,000. The electricity use reduction also provided an important environmental benefit equivalent to:

  • Taking 200 cars off the road for one year; or,
  • Preserving 8 acres of forest; or,
  • Taking 140 homes off the electricity grid for one year.

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2 thoughts on “Milwaukee County cuts electricity use in 2013

  1. Thanks.

    Wonder how much of that “savings” is from the Courthouse fire in July?

    Also, wonder if Dan Cody/Apple have any ideas for getting federal funding to turn Milwaukee County into its own micro grid?

    Get federal funding for working prototypes of solar and wind in the parks and on the roofs of as many county buildings as possible. Given that We Energies let Gale Klappa pillage rate payers for almost $50 million over the last five-years for running a monopoly, what rate will We Energies pay for that green electricity? Do you connect to We Energies’ grid with a with a two-way power flow?

    With the jail, Aurora/Siani Medical Center, and Marquette in the immediate vicinity, do you have enough waste for a federally funded prototype of a completely odorless biodigester? If so, who refines it so it can either be burned, used in a fuel cell, or injected into We Energies pipelines? All the grass clippings and dead wood are potential biomass for a digester or pyrolysis.

    Twice a day, at rush hour, I-43 has tremendous wind energy going right past the Courthouse. Is there a way to harness that?

    If you put an inexpensive roof over the parking lots in the area, you’ve got more room for solar panels, and you’ve enhanced the value of the parking space.

  2. Technology, media information (PR) and consumer price pressure have caused a manufacturing shift to power conservation in home building and appliances. The same thing can and must happen in health care.

    The Affordable Health Care is a road map for our market driven economy to achieve even greater cost lowering effects.

    Current resistance–from our major corporations and financial interests who have been spoiled by the removal of regulatory oversight and trust busting legislation by the Bush administration–must be reduced by an informed government and judicial system kept honest by an informed and active public supported by an open, free and honest education system and media news.

    I don’t say unbiased news and education, because the fourth estate should be biased toward reporting fact based truth.

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