Republican Party of Wisconsin shows its rank hypocrisy on jobs (VIDEO)

Earlier today, the Republican Party of Wisconsin fired off a press release attacking Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mary Burke for not having a job creation plan just two months into her campaign.

Two months into her “No Promises” campaign, Millionaire Mary Burke still has no plan for job creation in the state.

“A candidate running for statewide office should have a plan for helping the private sector create jobs, yet Burke has completely failed in that department,” said Jesse Dougherty, Republican Party of Wisconsin Press Secretary.

Admittedly, I’ve been a critic of Burke’s “no promises” campaign strategy, but the Republican Party of Wisconsin attacking her for not having a jobs plans reeks of rank hypocrisy. After all, during the 2010 gubernatorial campaign Gov. Scott Walker, the standard-bearer for the Republican Party of Wisconsin, put forth a jobs “plan” that promised to create 250,000 jobs in Wisconsin during his first term in office. In the face of flagging job creation numbers, Gov. Walker has since retracted that promise, as seen in this video.


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