11 thoughts on “So many senseless gun deaths (VIDEO)

  1. Thank you for taking the time to call attention to this issue that we all must be vocal about, in one way or another. The NRA may seem louder based on the ability to buy elected officials and mass market their message. But in my heart I know that the voters want reasonable gun control legislation, and so we need to keep making sure our message is heard too, such as with posts as this one. Again, thanks.

  2. Let’s not forget Ron Johnson’s immoral “No” vote on gun control. Shame, shame, shame on you Ron Johnson!


    And likewise, our Wisconsin Representatives whose political ideology and moral cowardice also prevented any legislation to protect the needless violent deaths since Newtown of the 194 children pictured above.

    Shame, shame, shame on you, Sean Duffy, Reid Ribble, Jim Sensenbrenner, Paul Ryan, Tom Petri!


    These politicians are hypocrites in the extreme of life and death as they decry abortion of the “unborn,” but play for pay from the NRA and the gun manufacturers to perpetuate and enable deaths of the “born.” Are not their actions or lack thereof a crime against humanity?

    I have lost two children just as they were beginning their adult life; a daughter, Rose, as an innocent passenger in an auto accident and a son, John, due to a brain aneurysm; yet, I can only begin to feel the mental anguish and even physical pain of the Newtown parents as well as that of those parents of the year’s 194 at the needless or preventable deaths of their children so young.

    I weep with and for all these parents at their loss.

    1. Need to ban cars IMO. How dare you support the thousands killed in by the greedy evil auto corporations. Reasonable automobile laws are not too much to ask for.

      1. Yes, many senseless deaths, but not near as many as the senseless, disrespectful, abhorrent, unfeeling crap like this latest comment spewed by ®Steve.

        Zach, kindly ban this absolute jerk, and remove all his comments. There should be no tolerance for someone blithely insulting the real human loses suffered by a real person in the community of commenters here, Duane, for sharing his extreme personal family losses as he did.

        Inexcusable behavior by ®Steve.

        (excuse the double post if it appears, typed my email incorrectly first time)

      2. We have reasonable automobile laws – case in point are seat belt laws.

        Honestly, you’re going to have to try harder than that if you’re going to more effectively troll.

          1. Steve…so you are saying that cars kill people?? Then your meme that guns don’t kill people is bogus??

  3. The murder rate and senseless deaths of children and innocent adults must stop.

    Doing nothing and ignoring the problem such as by my representative, Sean Duffy, who is owned by the NRA and gun manufacturers is unacceptable.

  4. Anyone here recall ®Steve calling on Scott Walker to take the federal DOT train money to eventually help remedy the auto congestion problem, which would alleviate road traffic, help reduce auto air pollution which in turn would lower long term state health care costs. Seen anything by ®Steve in opposition to Republican sponsored higher speed limits on WI highways?

    Anyone else understand the moronic FALSE EQUIVALENCY of comparing gun deaths to automobile deaths, as definitely stupider than Rojo, ®Steve unequivocally proves he is, with his irrelevant to the discussion comparison between gun deaths and auto related deaths. Maybe ®Steve plans to DRIVE his GUN to church or to school or to the grocery store tomorrow and keep us all so very much safer on the highways.

    If ®Steve is going to be consistent in his car vs guns argument, he’ll undoubtedly need to follow his NRA Bible quote in furthering his delusional false equivalency, and be claiming it is the idiots behind the wheel of a car and not the cars themselves that are responsible for auto deaths, right ®Steve? So YOU are going to lead by example and keep your car in the garage, RIGHT ®Steve? I mean, that is, if you are not just a low-life hypocrite and you actually live by your own moronic words and proclamations.

    1. Well, a whole day passed with ®Steve seemingly full of digitized verbal vigor, yet he repeatedly failed to respond to the other thread’s topic question, do the victims of Sandy Hook deserve a moment of silence.

      Yet pointing out the fact (my comment immediately above) that you can’t hop on your gun to drive somewhere, seems to have left him totally unresponsive to my explanation of the false equivalency of his arguments in this thread as somehow constituting his proof of the righteousness of unregulated civilian gun ownership.

      Aside from my pointing out of ®Steve’s extreme rudeness and insensitivity to Duane, above, and his failing to offer any apology to Duane, thus far, in any manner, I have to conclude (with actual reason and not simple conjecture) ®Steve’s repetitive and shallow-minded 2nd amendment rhetorical bluster appears to have been done yesterday primarily to drive responses to comments in this thread, off the sidebar as quickly as possible.

      Apparently a loathing and fearful individual, cowardice hiding behind loaded guns and completely meaningless to the topic, words for verbal distractions, appearing to be irrationally intimidated only by logic, truth and reason, I see a real scenario here, (thanks for providing yourself as a likely example, ®Steve) certainly begging for additional important qualifiers to be checked, prior to legal civilian gun ownership being granted.

      1. NQ, I try not to get too excited about answers from those misled or lied to by the NRA’s false interpretation of the second amendment and a 24/7 drum beat by the greedy gun makers. They are so blinded predictably ignoring the stats how the U.S. is among the worst in gun deaths; they try to shoot down, if you will excuse the phrase, any reasonable argument for gun reform to reduce the deaths of children and innocent teachers and other victims of political pandering.

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