Taylor Palmisano is back with a new email asking for money

Just felt like sharing this parody email, in light of the bizarre fundraising email sent out by Gov. Scott Walker’s reelection campaign, and email that undoubtedly led to Walker campaign aide Taylor Palmisano being dumped from the campaign shortly thereafter for some racist tweets she sent out two years ago.


Taylor Palmisano's ask


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6 thoughts on “Taylor Palmisano is back with a new email asking for money

  1. Hope Taylor will eventually give her side of the story.

    She’s 23 with no real-world experience. If someone above her pay grade didn’t sign-off on the letter, that’s on Gov. Walker and others.

    Would be interesting to know (ballpark) what she was making.

  2. I’d like to help the woman out. But there is no way I can see to give money from that email. How did you come across it, Zach? You never cease to amaze.

  3. It is clever and funny and should be forwarded to the Borowitz report, but posting parody or other misleading material may lead to credibility concerns with your excelent blog.

  4. I’m feeling certain that this intelligent and seemingly ambitious you lady will land on her feet. Money managers/manipulators with any skill are likely in demand.

    Jeff @ Cog Dis mentioned to keep an eye out for where she resurfaces. I’m guessing somewhere with a bigger salary and access to larger $umS to manage.

    As Walker seems to be getting pretty much of a pass on this incident, in regard to how much actual damage he might suffer, what I do notice though is how Walker detractors are sucked into giving him almost a week of coverage over this and much of more important WI legislative doings and political coverage of say, Rojo and Ryan at A.L.E.C in DC, gets short shrift. I wonder if the sacrificial lamb is a deliberate ploy and planned distraction, not so much by Ms Palmisano’s effort, but by her superiors.


  5. I happen to know Taylor Palmisano personally; I went to high school with her and once considered myself to be good friends with her. She is a fun loving individual who sometimes operates without a filter.

    It’s a shame this happened to her only so far into her young career, and hopefully with any humility and a little luck, she’ll be back on her feet.

    To be fair, I believe Taylor has not been taught how to behave within boundaries.

    Taylor comes from an Evangelical background, like myself; but like many, has trouble applying Jesus’ teachings to real life. No matter what is said or implied in church or by those claiming to be of Christian faith, we should not ever speak of others in such a malicious manner; let alone on a public forum.

    Whether it’s racism or homophobia, the Church has been under incredible scrutiny from the left; and I believe it’s well-deserved. Being a man of faith myself, I will not accept the notion that “racism is over/racism is coming to an end,” or “gay people will burn in hell.” I am thoroughly disgusted by these things that are all to often floated around in normal conversations.

    I wish Taylor the best, and I wish that everyone will think before they Tweet.

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