The False Nation of Afghanistan!

It’s been out of the news for a week or so now…but the US and Afghanistan finally completed negotiations on the continued presence of US troops in Afghanistan past the official end of American participation in hostilities at the end of 2014. I don’t think I need to recap all of the back and forth that went on but here is one small take away from the events.

Afghan President Hamid Karzai’s administration finally agreed to a pact with the US State Department. Now in a real nation, this type of agreement would probably come before the elected legislative branch that represents the people for approval or rejection. Instead in a reversion from nationhood to full tribal control, President Karzai assembled a loya jirga, or council of elders to weigh in on the security agreement. A council he essentially hand picked and approved. Not an elected body representing the nation but tribal elders.

And they approved the agreement apparently to President Karzai’s chagrin as he has come forward with new demands and an open refusal to sign it… despite the loya jirga meeting all of it’s required tasks.

So Afghanistan is not a nation under a rule of law but tribal politics where the chief elder can throw tantrums and ignore the will of the electeds and the elders. At this point we should pull out all of our forces as quickly and quietly as safely possible.


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6 thoughts on “The False Nation of Afghanistan!

  1. Right you are AJ, Thanks Ed, for the topic.

    US Military Aircraft Comes Under Fire in South Sudan (Humanitarian mission, no wedding parties shot up by drones reported yet)

    President Obama Orders US Troops to South Sudan (Speaking of Countries with Broken Governments as you were, Ed, looking in the mirror as we should be, here)

    “South Sudan, a nation the size of France, has the third largest reserves in Sub-Saharan Africa after Angola and Nigeria, according to BP.”

    1. Good afternoon, Steve

      Unfortunately the dated article you linked to does not reflect the present reality. Though Pocan and Moore voted in June against the National Defense Authorization Act coming out of the House, last week, “progressive,” Tammy Baldwin, Ron Johnson and progressive war hawk Elizabeth Warren voted for the 2014 NDAA Bill. Some things included:

      No further real changes to help victims of rape as chain of command still holds sway in the reporting process.

      Funding and NO further Congressional Action required for our POTUS to keep 10K troops in Afghanistan for 10 more years.

      Funding and opportunity for further spying and broader records retention under the Patriot Act provisions in the bill.

      Pointing out real denial of US Citizen Constitutional Rights embodied in the Bill are outlined by some maybe not so strange bedfellows for progressives now, right-wing extremists:

      “Regardless of promises to the contrary made every year since 2011 by President Obama, the language of the NDAA places every citizen of the United States within the universe of potential “covered persons.” Any American could one day find himself or herself branded a “belligerent” and thus subject to the complete confiscation of his or her constitutional civil liberties and to nearly never-ending incarceration in a military prison.”

  2. Tangential and wandering off the topic a little, this morning’s UPFRONT with Mike Gousha had him wrapping up his show (sorry no link yet) explaining how Mary Burke was definitely running her campaign on hitting a sweet spot as a mid-position candidate, and he stated that Wisconsin progressives where not too pleased with that.

    His potential solution for Burke to help her influence the WI left to get on board with her, might be to get some personal visits and endorsements from progressive champions, Baldwin and Warren!!!


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