AG candidate Ozanne admits to alcohol-related incident

Earlier today Democratic Attorney General candidate Ismael Ozanne he had been cited for a crash as a teenager after drinking.

A breathalyzer test showed Ozanne had a blood alcohol content of .04, which was below the state’s legal limit at the time, and Ozanne was not cited for drunken driving. But he was cited under the state’s “not a drop” rules, which prohibit youth under the legal drinking age from having any alcohol in their blood while driving. Ozanne paid a fine and lost his license for 90 days.

“This was a mistake I made as a teenager and I learned a valuable lesson,” Ozanne said. “I took responsibility for my actions and I knew, even then, how fortunate it was that no one was physically injured.”

Ozanne’s disclosure comes on the heels of revelations Republican Attorney General candidate was cited for drunk driving in 1990. As I noted over at Blogging Blue, I don’t believe Ozanne’s alcohol-related accident has much bearing on his fitness to serve as Attorney General, but I think the bigger issue is his inability (or unwillingness) to be more forthcoming about the situation prior to it being discovered by others.


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