Report: Kathleen Vinehout will not run for governor

According to a report in The Progressive, Democratic state Senator Kathleen Vinehout will announce later today that she will not be seeking the Democratic gubernatorial nomination this year.

Several sources close to Wisconsin State Senator Kathleen Vinehout told The Progressive on Thursday that she has decided against making a run for governor.

Vinehout, who has been recovering from a car accident and resulting surgery on a fractured arm, will hold a press conference on Friday to announce her decision.

If the report is accurate, Vinehout’s decision to stay out of the gubernatorial race will leave Mary Burke with a relatively easy path to the Democratic gubernatorial nomination. As there are other fringe Democratic candidates, there is still likely to be a Democratic primary, but without a challenge from Sen. Vinehout Mary Burke will be able to focus more of her time during the Democratic primary preparing for her challenge to Gov. Scott Walker.


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