Scott Walker’s style of governing: “We suck. We’re bad.”

Welcome to Scott Walker’s Wisconsin, where a member of his own administration summed up Walker’s job creation efforts thusly: “We suck. We’re bad.”

“We suck. We’re bad” could also serve as an apt description of just how ineffectively Scott Walker’s administration has run state government, with that ineptitude extending to an inability of the unemployed to actually file for unemployment benefits.

Unemployed workers who want to file for unemployment compensation are having trouble getting through on the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development’s phone lines.

A spokesman said Wednesday the department is experiencing “particularly high call volumes” and that staff has been asked to work overtime and on weekends to deal with the calls.

Ron Youngbluth of Pewaukee said he started calling to see whether he’d be eligible for unemployment after he was laid off from his part-time job as an optometrist in Brookfield on Dec. 6. He estimated he called up to two dozen times in the past month, sometimes several times a day. He got through to the automated system, but never to a person.

“I called them the past at least three weeks, I don’t know how many times. I couldn’t get ahold of anyone,” he told the Public Investigator.

“Sometimes, I got a busy signal. Sometimes, they ask for information and I put my Social Security number in, my pin number. They said, ‘We’re experiencing peak volumes. We’ll attempt to transfer you to an agent.’ They said ‘all our agents are busy with others. Call back some other time.’

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Republicans are good at winning elections but they absolutely SUCK at governing.


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7 thoughts on “Scott Walker’s style of governing: “We suck. We’re bad.”

  1. All part of the plan, fewer people able to sign up, the better the numbers look in Scotty-ville. “Barry-town and the DC congressionals,” are singing the same song from an opposite approach and are simply letting people run out of bennies and fall off the recorded roles. Mix in the antiquated system for official determination of “poverty,” and the news media can hype how, “good,” we are doing as a nation.

    It was interesting looking back a year, Zach, not much has changed on the subject of taking care of joblessness.

    Putting this into perspective, this country is not going to get better in the “jobs,” department under the current capitalistic economic models while reaching the limits of growth as far as extractive carbon based energy industries go (the key actual economic driver presently) in relation to a human habitable environment, and understood, hoped for changes actually needed, are not being discussed in the halls of government anywhere.

  2. Poor Miss Johnson won’t be working at WEDC for long. Mr.Walker, Mr. Vos, and Mr. Fitzgerald don’t take kindly to any employee of a state agency not touting the party line that a robust jobs picture is about to break out. The head of WEDC will be directed to dismiss her as she violated Walker’s cardinal rule; “NO DISSENT.” She will be thrown under the bus like Sen. Schultz because he spoke both the truth and voted his conscience rather than voting the way he was told! Walker will quote scripture as he sends her out the door; “The Truth Shall Set You Free.”

    1. It was your person who said it, Blaska. Maybe you should leave your comment on her blog? I do give you credit though for mentioning Detroit and not Benghazi.

    2. …or Chris Christie publicly and boisterously feigning ignorance of the activities of his top staff? If he isn’t lying about this claim, then he was fully aware of the activities and is complicit in them. If he really was ignorant of the problem, he should NOT have been. He’s failed either way on the, “knowing how to govern ethically and legally,” scale.

      Maybe Dan Bice will figure out that the same rules should be immediately applied to Walker and John Doe the First, and do a Watchdog piece commenting on it. (not holding my breath) LOL!

    3. Dave, I know it’s hard for you to stay on topic when it comes to something Republicans have done wrong, but try hard.

      What do Detroit and the ObamaCare website have to do with the failures of Scott Walker’s administration to govern effectively and live up to his grandiose campaign promises?

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