Sean Duffy voted to cut heating assistance for low income Americans

Hey all you folks shivering up in the 7th congressional district and beyond, when you’re turning your thermostat down to 50 degrees Fahrenheit today and trying desperately to figure out how in the hell you’re going to pay $5.00 a gallon for propane, if you can find it at all, remember that Congressman Sean Duffy voted to cut heating assistance for low income Americans because he wants you to be independent. He doesn’t give a shit if you freeze to death, he just wants you to be independent.

So call his office in DC on his toll free number and tell him what’s on your mind. 1-855-585-4251.

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9 thoughts on “Sean Duffy voted to cut heating assistance for low income Americans

  1. He voted to zero out job training programs and funding for Job Centers but it doesn’t stop him from having “his” Sean Duffy Job Fairs. You know, where the people that work for the Dept of Workforce Development at the Job Centers (the same people that he voted to zero out) do all the work and all he does it show up, put his name on it and pretend he’s the champion for the unemployed. Keep in mind the Job Fairs have always been held but for political brownie points, and to fool the foolish, he puts his name on them. How is that possible? And how is it possible that the mainstream media doesn’t ask him that question?
    I wish he’d be forced to vote no on extending unemployment benefits. I would guess he’ll still show up at “his” Job Fairs crowing about how much he cares about the unemployed and he’ll get another pass.

    1. Duffy is one of those guys who protects the “unborn” but kills them after becoming “born” by denying them an economic life.

  2. Steve, in addition I am not happy with the cuts in Food Stamps for the Poor in the Farm Bill that passed the house. The poor are getting hit everywhere and when we go to turn them out to vote in November my fear is that they are going to blame the cuts on Democrats and Republicans instead of the Republicans who wouldn’t pass anything.

    The Obama Administration needs to make note of the political theory that “Perception is Reality” and no matter how much he compromises and cuts programs like food stamps he is going to be perceived as expanding those programs further, and in believing that Democrats should be attaching the Republicans on not expanding the food stamp benefits.

  3. It’s true! Billed $5.249 this week for a delivery of propane. Came to almost $1,000! Am retired on fixed income. Thought I was well fixed, but not so sure now.

    1. And our intrepid politicians will, “look into,” seeing where the supply chain can be repaired, instead of demanding an investigation into deliberate commodity manipulation akin to what I would label domestic terrorism.

      Really Tammy Baldwin, really Mark Pocan? This is all we can expect?

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