Senator Vinehout Won’t Run for Governor??

The Life in Wisconsin blog by Mike Kahlow at the Daily Kos is reporting that Senator Kathleen Vinehout will announce that she is not going to run for governor:

Several sources close to Wisconsin State Senator Kathleen Vinehout told The Progressive on Thursday that she has decided against making a run for governor.

Vinehout, who has been recovering from a car accident and resulting surgery on a fractured arm, will hold a press conference on Friday to announce her decision.

Just like Mr. Kahlow, I am extremely disappointed if this turns out to be true. I have a lot of respect and admiration for Senator Vinehout and think she is one of the most intelligent and dedicated public servants we have had in Madison in my adult lifetime.

But now we have to make sure she returns to the State Senate in 2015.


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5 thoughts on “Senator Vinehout Won’t Run for Governor??

    1. A couple months ago any thought Vinehout would decide not to run for governor come January really would have been a surprise. Vinehout’s great attributes are her depth of legislative knowledge both of policy and how to pass policy, along with her desire to stand up for her convictions.

      We will never know now what the results would have been had a primary occurred. The primary was going toward the direction of being one based on ideas and a broad range of unique issues people face all over the state. The focus shifts now to Mary Burke and Scott Walker.

  1. We have to start by wishing Kathleen the very best in her recovery with her reconstructed arm and continue to support her in re-election to the State Senate.

    As for Candidate Burke we immediately need to get some further refinement in understanding the opening statement on her webpage. There is nothing in the quote that couldn’t be the exact policy coming from ALEC’s Walker’s playbook.

    Solving problems, not picking fights.

    She helped make Trek Bicycle an international success, led the Department of Commerce and founded an innovative public-private partnership to improve educational outcomes. As Governor, Burke will put her private sector experience into action to hold the line on taxes and spending, and ensure taxpayer dollars are spent effectively.

    My interpretation, ship additional manufacturing to China, OK with WEDC structurally and managerially, further cuts to already profitable corporations’ taxes, to hell with public sector employees and continuation of policy to block and restrict safety net programs to the state’s most in need citizens.

    Sorry, but Ms Burke better get out there and vehemently start picking some fights, immediately, or Walker will be able to run to the political left of her. Color me totally unimpressed with the marketing package so far.

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