State Rep. Jessie Rodriguez refuses to join Legislature’s Black and Latino Caucus

Eschewing an opportunity to work in a bipartisan fashion with Democrats in the Assembly to address issues affecting persons of color, far-right wing Republican State Rep. Jessie Rodriguez has refused to join the Legislature’s Black and Latino Caucus.

The Legislature’s Black and Latino Caucus is currently composed completely of Democrats, so it’s not surprising Rep. Rodriguez would refuse to join, because she’s made it abundantly clear she went to Madison to follow whatever orders Gov. Scott Walker and Assembly Speaker Robin Vos give her.


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4 thoughts on “State Rep. Jessie Rodriguez refuses to join Legislature’s Black and Latino Caucus

  1. Then again, she got her hubby to draw that district for a reason, and it wasn’t to care about the Latino community. P.S. You left out Scooter Jensen and the voucher lobby in her list of real bosses.

    As if we needed more proof that J-Rod anything but a Bradley Foundation puppet. Grifting runs in the family, I guess. But she’s more than happy to mention her last name when the GOP needs her to. Makes for a win-win situation for the suburb boys, because they can use her to show that they’re open to “diversity”. And Jessie likes the check and the connections the gig brings, so she wins too.

    What a tool.

  2. Fortunately Rodriguez is just finishing out the short remaining term of Honadel who resigned (for what reason??). People of South Milwaukee, Oak Creek and the small Rodriguez neighborhood of Franklin will have an opportunity soon for a better choice. Of course Rodriquez will get enormous funding (again) from the religious voucher school advocates– many from out-of-state. It is enlightening to see her list of supporters. Do a search on “Wisconsin Democracy Campaign” website,
    You can also expect “Family Values” Charlie Sykes to provide free air time for Rodriguez. Also expect Right (Wrong) Wisconsin, MacIver Institute, Juliane Appling, and others of that ilk to provide support and $$$$$’s

  3. With due deference to Representative Mandela Barnes and his group, I don’t need to be a part of a minority caucus to understand communities of color or find ways to empower them,” Rep. Jessie Rodriguez, R-Franklin, said. “I’ve worked long enough in struggling communities to understand that no self-appointed group or organization — whether white, black, or Latino — owns the rights to represent any one segment of our society.”

    Yes but wouldn’t someone who has first had experience be the person best equipped to address issues related to minority communities? So in essence she is denying the caucus her experience and skill? Nice!

    “The voters of the 21st Assembly District sent me to Madison, not to get bogged down by identity politics, but to work with my colleagues and Governor Walker to continue making Wisconsin a great place for everyone…”

    So starting your term by risking pissing off some of your colleagues is the way to go? Oh…wait…despite your voiced goal of making Wisconsin better for everyone…you don’t really want to work with Democrats.

  4. I noted that Vos assigned Jessie to the Criminal Justice and Education Committees, among others. Given the huge racial disparities in criminal sentences and test scores in this state, you’d think any type of intellectually curious legislator that was on those committees would welcome the chance to talk these issues over with the Black and Latino Caucus. And that’s whether the invitee is minority or white.

    The fact that Rodriguez doesn’t do that proves that she’s really working for the Bradleys and other string-pullers in the right-wing Wisconsin machine, and that there is no capacity for independent thought or any attempt to actually solve problems.

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