Assembly Republicans to attempt to censure Rep. Sinicki?

On the heels of the manufactured outrage from so many on the right regarding Democratic State Rep. Chris Sinicki’s characterization of Gov. Scott Walker’s State of the State address as “full of shit,” it’s been widely rumored Rep. Sinicki’s seat would become a target for Republican. Last week Rep. Sinicki got her first Republican opponent, and now I’ve heard from a trusted source that Republicans in the State Assembly are planning on attempting to censure Rep. Sinicki.

I’ve been told Republicans have a privileged resolution to censure Rep. Sinicki drafted and ready to go. According to my source, Republicans intend on censuring Rep. Sinicki unless she apologizes on the floor. Reached for comment, Rep. Sinicki told me she refuses to apologize on the floor of the Assembly for disagreeing with Gov. Walker. However, Rep. Sinicki did note that she has already aapologized for her choice of words, stating, “I have apologized publicly at least 3 times for using a naughty word, and I have sent a personal note to the Governor. I will not apologize for speaking my mind and standing up for the people of this state.”

As far as I can tell, the only time a sitting member of the State Assembly has been censured was when they committed a criminal act, so if Republicans in the Assembly do attempt to censure Rep. Sinicki it will set a troublesome and disappointing precedent.


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12 thoughts on “Assembly Republicans to attempt to censure Rep. Sinicki?

  1. Republicans don’t care about Wisconsin. They don’t care about people who need health insurance just to stay alive like my son. They stand in the way of true job creation while predending to care for anyone other than the 1%.
    If only enough people were smart enough to see through their B.S., which is all that they are good at, we could vote them out.

    Christine Sinicki spoke the truth.

    Look it up Walker is one of the most fact checked polititians and, guess what, he leads the list in lies.

    1. Whining about a Facebook comment from someone? That’s not very Unintimidated, is it WisGOP?

      Besides, after the names that any of WisGOP called Wisconsin teachers, cops, and other public employees in 2011, they’ve lost all right to complain. It’s that type of hypocritical Whininess that makes me hate this crew as much as any other reason.

      On a related note, I have a crossword that’s looking for a five letter word, and the clue is. “Someone who can dish it out, but can’t take it.” First letter P, last letter Y.

  2. Unsurprising that the GOP would see the strategic benefits of going after the seat. Sinicki placed herself on their radar with her comment. If they censure her though, all that backfires as it clearly shows them up for the bullies they are in this state. She should use this threat of censure to her advantage.

      1. They see it likely as an opportunity with older voters who would be most vulnerable to the argument that she lowered the tone and showed little self-control. I also saw a lot of labeling of her as “south side” and “classless” which you’d think would insult the voters but might make the older voters want to support someone who purports to be “professional”. What she has to do is show that the censure or threat of is straight up bullying to snuff out dissent. Hope you’re right and her district supports her. Her word choice may not have been wise but Walker and his crew have lowered the tone of politics all by themselves in Wisconsin well before Sinicki’s FB post. And if I was from the area, I’d much rather be from the south side of Milwaukee than Mequon or any of expensive yet cheap suburbs.

        1. Emma, the attempt to label Rep. Sinicki as “south side” isn’t going to win them many voters, because many of her constituents want a Representative who understands what her constituents go through and the challenges they face, not some slick professional politician who only tells them what they want to hear.

        2. WisGOP has squandered all opportunity to have moral high ground the last three years, Emma. In fact, the Dems’ reply to this garbage should be “Do you wanna go there on the issue of “decency”, you corrupt, lying thugs? Do ya??”

          1. True that. I hope Sinicki uses your words to some extent. Someone needs to fire up the base – why not her?

    1. Are you talking about Cudahy alders? If so, the only one I can think of who’d think about running against Rep. Sinicki is Justin Moralez, but I don’t think he’d have much of a chance.

      1. Maybe I just caught wind of foul air coming from the supposed Cudahy Rumor Mill then. Unless the person I heard it from bungled the information and was talking about Pierce. He doesn’t seem to stand much of a chance either though. I can’t really find any information on his political/community involvement except that he was in the air force.

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