Bohrod campaign: Strengthen Treasurer, don’t eliminate it

From my email inbox:

Wisconsin State Treasurer candidate Dan Bohrod called recent legislative proposals to eliminate the Office of Treasurer an “affront to the public and a continuation of efforts to further distance the people from their own government.”

“These kinds of proposals crop up every now and then,” said Bohrod. “ They are stale and unimaginative ideas and prove generally as legislative distractions from doing good things for people. They claim it will save money, but it won’t really. If they really wanted to save tax dollars, they’d ask the governor to eliminate state department executive assistants, often patronage jobs, which he do could while eating his morning Texas toast. Or, they’d eliminate the appointments secretary for the Lt. Governor. Bingo–millions saved; public services completely unaffected.

“There’s tons of stuff like that all over the State’s $70B biennial budget,” Bohrod continued. “I’ve got decades of experience on the front lines of state and municipal budgeting and I’m uniquely qualified to dig and highlight these issues for public consideration. That’s what a State Treasurer can do and that’s what I hope to if I am elected.

“Finally,” added Bohrod, “the sheer mechanics for eliminating the Office are appropriately cumbersome. I wish folks would invest more of their efforts into creating jobs rather cutting them.”

Bohrod announced in December of 2013 his candidacy for the Democratic nomination for the Fall, 2014 election of Wisconsin State Treasurer. Bohrod ran for the Office in 2010 as well.


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