But I thought Wisconsin was “Open for Business”

Just remember folks….according to Republican Gov. Scott Walker Wisconsin is open for business!

Officials with S.C. Johnson & Son Inc. told employees on Feb. 7 that it could cut as many as 400 employees, The Journal Times in Racine reports.

In October, S.C. Johnson & Son Inc. announced that it planned to cut between 100 and 200 jobs in Racine as part of a companywide restructuring over the coming months, but those plans have been revised and cuts could be as many as 400.

Kelly Semrau, spokeswoman for S.C. Johnson, told The Journal Times that the cuts are being done to re-organize the business. The company has 3,500 employees in the Racine area.

No seriously….Wisconsin is really open for business!

American TV & Appliance, a Madison Beltline mainstay for the past 60 years, announced Monday it was closing its business, putting nearly 1,000 employees in 11 locations in three states out of work.

Apparently S.C. Johnson and American TV didn’t get the memo that Wisconsin is “open for business.”


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