4 thoughts on “Coca Cola SuperBowl ad sparks outrage on Twitter (VIDEO)

  1. I saw the commercial and immediately thought to myself it would spark some outrage. Why? Because American English is the de facto national language and patriotic songs are generally sung with the national language. Not saying I agree with it, just saying I understand why.
    I also understand why the French sing their anthem in French, the Germans in German, etc.
    Let’s see how many anthems are sung at Sochi in languages other than the country of origin.
    Coke could have produced an wonderful commercial as previously, but chose a controversial one instead.
    I’ll still buy a Coke.

  2. English is adaptive and expressive; it’s a wonderful language.
    Our nation, at its best, is adaptive and inclusive.
    That’s why we can get away with writing a patriotic song and give it a title that starts with an Italian word.

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