Democratic State Treasurer candidate Dan Bohrod calls on Treasurer Schuller to resign

Yesterday Democratic State Treasurer candidate Dan Bohrod called on current State Treasurer Kurt Schuller to resign after Schuller declared his current duties consist solely of two 15-minute phone calls per month.

“I don’t know how any conscientious public servant can justify offering such little value added for the public,” said Bohrod. “That works out to a pay rate of about $10,000 per hour. And why does Treasurer Schuller need the continuing services of a Deputy Treasurer, who seems primarily focused on campaigning to succeed his boss?

“These folks are actually engaging in and perpetuating the very practices of wasteful government that they pretend to disdain. Apparently their plan is to “do nothing” other than collect their government salaries. No wonder the public is mistrustful of their own public servants.

“I am running for the office because I believe elected officials should strive to serve the public to help advance the common good and to provide stewardship of public resources for future generations. An effective State Treasurer is needed now more than ever to help the public make judgments about the $70 billion biennial State Budget, the largest and most important public policy matter the public will consider.

Bohrod announced in December of 2013 his candidacy for the Democratic nomination for the Fall, 2014 election of Wisconsin State Treasurer. Bohrod ran for the Office in 2010 as well.


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  1. Thanks for the shout-out, Zach. How much media coverage did Bohrod’s query get? I scoured the Leader Telegram this morning and didn’t see anything on Bohrod.

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