Mary Burke coming to Drinking Liberally MKE

This coming Monday is an important gathering for Drinking Liberally, as we welcome gubernatorial candidate Mary Burke to speak with our organization. Ms. Burke has experience as CEO of Trek Bicycles, and in the Wisconsin Commerce Department, as well as having been elected to the School Board in the city of Madison.

We look forward to seeing everybody this Monday, February 17th at 7pm at Transfer Pizzeria 101 W. Mitchell Street.

Sincerely yours,

Brian Eisold
Host of Drinking Liberally


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2 thoughts on “Mary Burke coming to Drinking Liberally MKE

  1. That is pretty cool Mary Burke is coming to Drinking Liberally. I do not live around Milwaukee so I will not be attending but its a great place to bring attention issues that you believe might help her win. The issues of a high incarceration rate may not be important to the people who attend drinking liberally, but its a way we can grow our coalition to beat Scott Walker and their just are not a lot of opportunities to bring that issue up to Mary Burke.

    When I have met Mary Burke she is conscientious and I have found a lot in common with her, even though I may not agree with the motives of the Madison political establishment in rallying behind her. Any time Mary Burke gets out to see people its a good thing.

  2. I hope someone asks Ms. Burke why Rep. Peter Barca delivered the Democrat’s “State of the State” address.

    She’s scoring points against Walker from the right with these talking points.


    “We have to start paying our bills before we put more on the credit card.” – MB Read more here:

    Walker’s approach is “borrow and spend” – and it’s left us in a weaker position financially:

    All Walker’s doing is risking Wisconsin’s borrowing costs. That’s part of the “long con” cough cough plan to loot the pensions of state workers, cough cough.

    If she’d mention legalizing pot, that’s a way to pay for tax cuts.

    The federal government prints its own money. It doesn’t borrow from anyone and the Federal Reserve decides on the interest rate. (Which is why federal income taxes on the 99% are such a very bad idea.) We need massive federal block grants to the states for health care, education, and green infrastructure. That’s the kind of stuff that puts people back to work, which is how they afford to pay state taxes. The state budget has to balance. The federal budget does not.

    Her stuff on minimum wage has been excellent.

    Months ago, Steve Carlson said she needed a lot more group shots, which her campaign finally figured out. Her listening patiently to a voter conveying concerns is very powerful. Collegiality has to be stressed.

    One of the best things her campaign did was a photo op of her in the freezing cold at the Packer’s last game. They contrasted that with Walker staying warm in a luxury box. That was a winner.

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